Easter Sunday falls on April 16 this year, and millions of parents all over the world are presently preparing egg hunts, bunny photo ops, and Easter baskets for their Children. There are many ways to celebrate the Easter holiday in a manner that are enjoyable for children and many people’s most important memories from this occasion involve coloring eggs and receiving Easter baskets filled with candy and gifts. Although plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies are the most common Easter treats, there are several options to make a basket special truly.


Candy is the most classic kind of Easter goodies—especially when it's encased in plastic eggs—and Smarties candies, Nestle, Palmer, Russel Stover, and Hershey's have all released new offerings of cutely decorated pastel eggs, bunnies, and more. Nestle has even created a brand-new flavor of tasty yet healthy milk and dark chocolate bars that contain pistachio nuts. Ice cream brand such as Carvel’s and Baskin Robbins have created some Spring-themed cakes, and well-known bakery brands like Hostess have also embraced the season by coming out with pastel-packaged versions of classic treats as having M&Ms which boasts an entirely pastel-colored bag. All of these festive candies are ideal for Easter basket inclusion.


Aside from candy, toys are some of the most popular items to place in an Easter basket. Noting the unwavering popularity of plush toys, Hallmark has released several new models of dancing and singing anamorphic characters such as the "Chirping Chick," "Whirlin' Twirlin' Turtle," and "Zip Along Bunny" among many others. FlipaZoo, a popular series of reversible toys that come in both large plush and small plastic form, have also released numerous new two-in-one characters that are perfectly sized for an Easter basket.

Even the emoji-craze has embraced the special Sunday via the release of two "Poop Emoji Easter Bunnies" that come in pink and blue. Moreover, Tech 4 Kids line of collectible “Squishy Pops” and “Mash 'ems”—and Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company's “Surprizamals” series—are ideal "blind box" Easter basket presents the traditional plastic eggs inspired that.

PEEPs are arguably the most iconic of all Easter brands, and they have further embraced the Easter spirit by offering playthings such as "Grow-A-PEEP" and sidewalk chalk hued blue, yellow, and pink and shaped like their iconic “bunny” marshmallows. Moreover, Jelly Belly's "Bean-Puzzled" games are candy-themed fun for all ages that are compact enough to fit into an Easter basket even though the game is not directly holiday themed.


Aside from baskets filled to the brim with candy and toys, other fun Easter activities include coloring eggs and attending readings of Easter-themed children's books. There are also "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" events that are currently taking place in many Macy's stores throughout the United States as well as Easter egg hunts which are held annually at many farms, parks, and other outdoors venues.

Check local listings to see which events are most convenient for you. If you have small children around this time of year, there are certainly many ways to celebrate Easter and the onset of spring that will make the season very memorable.