While House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes continued to feel the pressure about his behaviour over recent days Thursday gave us news that can only confirm that the investigations into the collusion between members of the Trump team and Russian agents are not simply the “fake news” that the #White House wants the public to believe.


The first piece of news was the revelation that two members of the white house staff had provided the information that Devin Nunes had highlighted as proof of “accidental” wiretapping of White House staff and possibly event President Donald Trump in the course of monitoring activities.

In naming former intelligence officials Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Michael Ellis as the source of the information the New York Times report raises even more questions not only about Nunes' explanations for his briefing of President Donald Trump but also of his neutrality in the investigations. This neutrality had already been in doubt due to his previous role in the Trump transition period.

Senate Committee

The day also saw a rare public sitting of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Unlike the obviously split House Committee the Republican and Democrats members of the Senate Committee have publicly stated their intention to work together in an open and transparent matter on the investigations.

In yesterday’s hearings the Cyber warfare and other experts called to testify gave details and backgrounds on the Russian capacity to spread disinformation false news to further their programme of destabilizing rival countries including the United States.

Despite the denials from Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, the experts gave details of the manner with which these activities are carried out.

Yet the most dramatic and important news of the day came from an unexpected source.


Again as reported by the New York Times, disgraced former National Security Advisor #Michael Flynn offered to be interviewed by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, as well as by the FBI.

This testimony would be in exchange for immunity from “unfair” prosecution.

Flynn had resigned his position in the Trump Administration after having lied about the nature of his contacts with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s Ambassador to the United States during the presidential campaign and the transition period.

While the news was surprising in itself it raises many doubts of the reasons for his offer.

In fact, journalists and the social media were quick in reminding the public that last September Ryan said about immunity “When you are given immunity that means you probably committed a crime”.

While it is still too early to predict what Flynn would or could say to the investigations the offer of immunity was refused by all involved and the FBI refused to comment until the investigations are further advanced.


The effects of Thursday’s news and revelations only confirm that the investigations are becoming increasingly a serious burden on the White House and put more pressure on President Donald Trump.

While the Constitution rightly states that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty the seriousness of the charges and the many questions being raised by individuals and institutions can no longer be ignored.

Should any aspect of the allegations be confirmed then the legitimacy of the election win would be put into serious doubt by many citizens.

As journalists continue to dig for scoops and the Senate and House Committees and the intelligence community continue their investigations we can only hope that the results and definitive proof of any findings comes as soon as possible. Until then a dark shadow will continue to hover over the White House.