Donald Trump's State of the Union speech was right on target with the campaign promises to his party. After 30 days in office, he has kept true to his word by fulfilling most of his aspired goals—he gets an A+. However, on the other hand, he gets a zero for failure to represent the entire Nation. Last night, Donald Trump "Talked the Talk", but until he comes terms with all the facts of reality, his chances of ever "Walking the Walk" as a respected leader are nil.

Where do we go from here

The president-elect still has a long way to go in terms of filling the White House cabinet positions that are conducive to adequate governing, but the biggest problem at hand is bringing the nation together.

For instance, Trump's not supposed to be a ban on immigration policy was recently been found to be unconstitutional and illegal. At numerous airports, there have been naturally born and breed American Muslim citizens returning from other countries, that have held been up, detained, or otherwise retained as if they were terror suspects. This should be deemed as a deplorable act that warrants legal prosecution in its defense, and It should be construed as un-American. Nevertheless, even more absurd is the president's determined fortitude for building a 1,000 plus mile,30 ft. wall along the Mexican border to keep out immigrants, and in which Mexico will pay for. This notion reeks of delusional grandeur.

Real or surreal

Furthermore, there are the aspects of Trump's policies that trigger a thought process that says: America is moving toward a Big Brother dystopia; that he is the one and only savior who can rescue us, and that he is the only one deserving of our praise. The mere notion of this concept brings the term “Authoritarian” to mind.

With that said, and for what it's worth, in 1949, British writer, George Orwell submitted a warning in his novel "1984” that it was possible for a Democratic Society to fall up under this type of governing.

Moreover, Donald Trump's speech was full of the obvious magnanimous sounding rhetoric that has been typical of dissension.

His use of words and language play, by all aspects of the true definition of “Orwellian” could be termed “Double Think,” in which “a hypnotic state of cognitive dissidence creates an effect on the psyche.” Orwell went on to state that due to this state of meaningless rhetoric;"One will be compelled to disregard their own perception in place of the officially dictated version of events, leaving the victim completely dependent on the states definition of reality itself." Furthermore, Orwell's analysis rings of truth when he states that:" Politicians will use pretentious words to project authority that make atrocities sound acceptable by burring them in euphemisms,"such as (securing the nation) contrasting (deporting Hispanics/Latinos)

The conflict continues

Nonetheless, in addition to his controversial immigration ban on at least 7 Muslim countries, the following list of right-wing projections have been, or are next to be implemented as accomplishments through an executive order by the president: Obama Care / Health care replacement, Climate Change / Paris agreement, Mexican Border Wall, Arctic Oil Pipeline approval,Teacher cuts and education funding, $64 Billon increase in military spending, Iran intimidation, government involvement in Trans-gender bathrooms in schools, Media lawsuit threats & Media slander accusations, Russian election investigation / suspected ties to Russia, and gun control regulations on mental health patients abandoned.

In addition, Donald Trump's first State of the Union Speech, was composed of an entirely nationalist theme. His seeming obsession for creating a “Secure America” is completely contrary to the unification of America. Instead of embracing the world as a global partnership, in which other presidents before him have done, he falls short of being the legend in his own mind, and the perception that his party has of him-- liking him to a Majestic Demagogue.”