#Donald Trump and #Jeff Sessions are not the sole topics in the world. Sunday Reading also offer us moments of relaxation. Let us look at a couple of news items that make us smile. Strangely enough such news is easy to find when we no longer want to read the shenanigans of politicians, or news from war zones or disasters, manmade and natural.

Strange moment in court

As reported by the Miami Herald defence lawyer Stephen Gutierrez had an unusual incident in court which would lead some to make unfair and biased comments at his expense. These will not be the only expenses that the unfortunate lawyer will have to pay.

Wednesday in court Gutierrez was defending his client who was charged with arson. As the case proceeded the lawyer felt heat in his pocket and decided to leave the court room quickly. The heat had been coming from e-cigarettes in his pocket and as a result his pants caught fire.

Over recent months we have often heard the expression of “liar, liar, pants on fire” in political discussions, undoubtedly none of us thought it would come true.

The amusing incident would not have been a contributing factor to the court’s decision to convict the client of the arson charge, but it will certainly be a source of much ribbing of the incendiary lawyer who will also have to buy a new suit. In addition he will now face a difficult choice, whether to give up smoking all together or to go back to traditional cigarettes.

Never easy, but certainlg much safer.


Oddity Central gives us an example to what lengths some people will go to satisfy their desire for a taco.

At the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort, a luxury vacation destination in Baja California, executive chef Juan Licerio Alcala decided to give his rich customers a special taco for their heart’s content.

The cost was moderate for the contents of the snack, a simple $25,000.00

The taco shell is speckled with gold, contains kobe beef, langoustines, Almas Beluga caviar and black truffle brie cheese. Added to this is a sauce containing Morita chiles and Kopi Luwak coffee all of which is then sprinkled with edible gold flakes.

While we can understand that the rich may look for unique experiences, we also wonder how many families would eat for a year on the cost of just one of these delicacies.

At the same time we also wonder if inviting a special friend to partake of such an opulent repast would be the equivalent of making a proposal for marriage. Certainly an engagement ring could be much cheaper and it would also be a permanent reminder of the occasion...

The world is a weird and wonderful place and the first item certainly show us that popular sayings can often come true, just as the second gives us proof that the lengths that some would go to satisfy personal desires can be truly over the top.

But if for a minute or two they make us forget what our leaders do or some pressing problem in our lives the search for strange news items will have served it purpose.