On March 1, President Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer was scheduled to headline an Ohio fundraiser to benefit Republican Frank LaRose who back in October said of Donald Trump's personal conduct, that it was "disgusting."

He made those comments after video and audio recordings of Candidate Donald Trump's lewd conduct were released. But he also said that the candidate had not demonstrated to him that he deserved his vote. It wasn't until the prior Sunday, however, before the event that Sean Spicer withdrew from it. Politico reported that Spicer's picture had been displayed for to promote the event as a special guest which invited attendees to donate as much as $1,000 dollars to take a picture with him.

Loyalty to Trump

News that Spicer had withdrawn from the event didn't surprise those who believe that the administration quickly shuns their opponents, fires them or attacks them on Twitter. During the period of transition, there were reports of infighting among Trump's transition team as Trump surrogates were apparently competing over, top positions.

Many of Trump's followers reacted harshly to politicians who were in consideration for cabinet positions. Politicians who initially opposed Trump during the campaign such as Mitt Romney, who made statements against the candidate that were incredibly harsh after he had won the primary, saying that Donald Trump was a con man.

After Candidate Trump became President-elect Trump, it was reported that he invited Romney to the Trump National Golf Club to discuss the possibility that he would be the new Secretary of State.

But many felt that President-elect Trump was simply retaliating against the Republican, teasing him for the position. The idea was that the billionaire was getting back at his rivals which was confirmed when a few days later, he called members of the press to Trump Tower to apparently sold them for the negative coverage that had been critical of him on the campaign trail.

Since then -- and well into his presidency, there have been multiple confirmations of payback against his opposition.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Keith Schiller -- who was a part-time security guard for Donald Trump's organization -- was made the director of Oval Office Operations. But the article also goes through an extensive breakdown of positions at the White House that are filled with people whose loyalty to the President, overrides their experience.

So much so in fact that to say that isn't the case is to ignore the obvious.

Did Sean Spicer snub a former anti-Trump Republican?

But President Trump also appears to have settled some scores and compromised with others, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has also attacked Trump in some statements during the campaign. It would appear that this might also have been the case with LaRose who had apparently taken a position to assist during the inauguration, just months after he was rejecting the President-elect.

When asked by Politico, LaRose said he was under the impression that the reason Spicer initially canceled was because of the timing of the event, which overlapped with the President's first address to Congress, for which he felt he might be needed.

However, Politico also said that Frank LaRose decided not to refute the suggestion that Spicer might have canceled due to the Ohio state senator's comments about Trump. He instead said that they would try to reschedule another time with him down the line.