Some pundits are arguing over whether or not President Trump will apologize for charging this predecessor with a treasonous felony (wiretapping and interfering with an election) but that’s silly, it took him almost half a decade to stop calling Obama a non-citizen. Even now, Trump just barely admits Obama was a legitimate president.

Note that there is one possibility that would overturn much of what I write below -- if Ivanka is able to convince Trump that the two court rulings against his Muslim ban just this week show how bad an idea it is to say too much.

Both judges ruled against the administration based on Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

It is important to note that many of Trump's twitter tirades take place on Saturday morning when Ivanka is forbidden by her religion from any business or work.

Wiretapping 101

In the United States, you can’t wiretap someone legally without a court order, and President Obama didn’t sneak into Trump Tower one night with a toolkit, so any wiretap had to go through the FBI via a FISA court order. So either Trump wasn’t wiretapped by President Obama’s order, or he was and there was evidence that convinced a panel of judges that he had probably committed a federal crime. Not a good choice of options for the newly minted president.

So what Trump’s surrogates are now doing is pretending he meant something else, not a real wiretap. Soon, probably Saturday morning, Trump will boil over and tweet some new outrageous claim to distract people. After all, it has always worked so far.

On Monday, the you-know-what will hit the fan when the FBI joins in the chorus denying the wiretapping claim and Trump will shift from the claim of being wiretapped to the repeated-if-vague-and-meaningless claims that they were legitimate intercepts of Russian hackers and government agents that Trump’s people were in contact with constituted an illegal surveillance by Obama.


House Speaker Paul Ryan must be overjoyed with the TrumpCare moniker and has deftly passed TrumpCare to the president but by next week Trump will throw Ryan under the bus and disavow the Republican healthcare-denial act that would eventually lead to violent riots among his main followers.

The main people who will be hurt by the Republican plan, essentially saves money by not insuring 30 million people, Trump red state supporters

Spring and summer

The endless cycle of Trump alt-facts, deflection, threats and blame on others will continue until it reaches the point where even his most ardent supporters in the general population can’t be tricked anymore.

Then Trump's real trouble will start.

The distrust of people who never did believe Trump is nothing to the white hot hatred that will be generated when the people who saw him as their last hope finally see that their very last hope was nothing more than an orange con man who played on their desperation, credulity and misunderstanding of how incredibly complex the world really is by sloganeering his way into the White House.

Pending disaster

At some unknown point in the next year, some real crisis will strike, whether it is a Russian attack someplace, which is too blatant to ignore or a North Korean missile misfiring and hitting Japan, or another financial crisis, or an actual terrorist attack in mainland United States or some black swan event no one can foresee, and Trump will need the majority of Americans to believe what he says.

By then, no one will pay the slightest attention to what he says, perhaps in the worst extreme, even large numbers of the military will doubt his ability to command because even the military has limits set forth by the Nuremberg Trials - only lawful orders must be obeyed.

Anyway, some crisis that Trump can’t bluff and bluster his way through will strike, and he will strike out in some way that will turn a near disaster into a catastrophe.