Donald Trump is continuing to show a credibility problem due to his habit of making claims without any evidence, claims which can be easily proven otherwise. It's not clear if he does this out of a need for attention, to distract, a fondness for lying or all of the above. Either way, as President of the United States, it will eventually become a very serious problem for his administration, his political party and this country. Supporters may continue to overlook it and the consequences it will bring, but other world leaders and even their country's citizens will not.

As more and more eye-brow raising information regarding ties to Russia and questionable financial entanglements seep through, Trump tends to toss out (tweet) red herrings, smoke and mirrors. However, this life-long trend may be coming to a close. Here is a look at just a few of Trump's trumped up charges.

Birtherism, voter fraud, popular vote and electoral college

In March 2011, the future president began a campaign to plant the idea into receptive minds that then-President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. He even made the claim that many, many people, including his yet to be introduced investigators, have said so. Last September, Trump released a statement which read he believes President Obama was born in the U.S.

Since winning the election, he has claimed having the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. He did not. Bill Clinton, both Bushes and Obama had substantially higher percentages. Trump also insists he would have won the popular vote if it were not for those pesky people who voted illegally, like the ones who traveled by bus from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote.

There is still no trace of those voters or that bus. There are still no updates on the so-called investigation into these alleged voter fraud activities either.

The urgent need for an immigration ban and the horrible attack on Sweden

And who can forget the massive protests at airports nationwide and around the world after Trump signed a ban on immigrants from seven Muslim countries because dangerous people were coming here in droves.

Never mind it's not that simple to enter the country. It can take years before non-citizens are approved to reach these borders. Homeland Security debunked his idea, stating that most foreign-born U.S. based extremists are radicalized after they've entered the country. Some were even born here. And what did happen in Sweden? Nothing, unless you count the moose that tried to mate with a moose made of out wood. Troubling.