The 2017 Oscars will always be remembered for a stunning finale. As the crew of "La La Land" were going through their speech of Best Picture, it was determined that the presenters announced from the wrong card. Instead, "Moonlight" was the award winner and it was held for everyone to see. It was a snafu so big it relieved Steve Harvey of his Miss Universe mistake in 2015 when he announced the wrong winner -- although he was certainly the butt of jokes on social media after this disaster. Despite not bringing home the king honor of the Academy Awards, did "La La Land" still deserve to win it?

'La La Land' still takes home five Oscars

Of the 12 nominations the musical had, it almost won half of them. Here were the victories:

  • Best Actress: Emma Stone
  • Best Director: Damien Chazelle
  • Best Original Music Score: Justin Hurwitz
  • Best Cinematography: Linus Sandgren
  • Best Production Design: David Wasco and Sandy Reynolds

Some awards it missed out on were Ryan Gosling for Best Actor and categories such as Best Sound Mixing and Best Costume Design. While the duo put on quite a performance, Stone definitely excelled in her role as Mia from the musical number with the roommates to the fantasy playing in her head at its finale.

Musicals have tremendous history being Oscar gold

The bittersweet love story between Mia and Sebastian isn't overly complicated, and that's what makes it perfect in a musical.

While it's a genre that can tear apart relationships, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that won't be tapping their feet and getting a few numbers stuck in their head for days or weeks to come. Some of the most prominently known musicals -- "West Side Story," "The Sound of Music," "My Fair Lady," and "Chicago" -- all took home the Best Picture title.

"La La Land" fit right in with the collection. It was a beautiful story of relatable people trying to make it big and the struggle of chasing dreams. As predictions rolled in favor for the film and a few minutes after the initial announcement, that was the case. Instead, it will be remembered as the movie receiving a half victory with "Moonlight."

With a number of tremendous options for Oscar champion, no movies really deserved losing the biggest award of the night.

The musical also had the benefit of being the latest released on the calendar, making it the freshest in people's minds. Still, it was a movie that was ultimately happy at a time when the country truly needed it. It was a genuine love story in the mix of some movies that were unrelentingly grim. Perhaps the messy shuffle of award night was a symbol of how things have been going.