Historians often debate the beginnings of the United States. Textbooks will emphasize Christopher Columbus’ arrival in October 1492. On the other hand, the presence of Native Americans at the time cannot be ignored. Nevertheless, the Second Continental Congress declared a new, independent nation in 1776 and issued the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. This marked the modern civilization anniversary of the U.S. Is America headed for the same fate as other past civilizations and empires? There is trouble brewing, the likes of which has never been seen before in the history of America.

Already, many are trying to give warning to what is perceived as strong indications all around us.

That which was then is currently now

A few years ago, the former chairman of Prince Economics International Ltd, Martin Armstrong, released a 46-page report called “The 224 Cycle of Political Change.” History dictates that somewhere around 250 years, civilizations tend to collapse. According to the report, democracy tends to falter over a long period of time, starting with voters believing in candidates who make tempting promises and brazen claims, but it always results in a dictatorship. The report includes a cycle of how these nations progress:

  • Bondage to spiritual faith
  • Spiritual faith to feeling embolden
  • Embolden to liberty
  • Liberty to abundance
  • Abundance to selfishness
  • Selfishness to complacent
  • Complacent to apathy
  • Apathy to dependency
  • Dependency back to bondage again

Is this a disturbing prophecy about to be fulfilled?

In light of the political climate today in the U.S., the alarm has been sounded, with signs of fascism growing.

We have a president who built a platform promising that he alone can fix it all and seems fixed on trusting as little government as possible. We have a president who is determined to turn American citizens against the press, the first step in becoming an authoritarian. And, we have a president who is less transparent than a chuck of steel, and it’s okay. America is ten years shy of 250-years-old.