Hillary Clinton was nominated as the Democratic candidate for president. Unfortunately, she lost and her dream of being the first woman president evaporated. Hillary lost not because of any gender bias, but basically because of faulty campaigning and the desire of many people to have a change. Donald has won, and technically he can continue for up to 8 years if he wins a second term. During the election campaign, a few people did suggest that Ivanka (the daughter from Donald's first marriage) could be the running mate. Eight years down the line, Ivanka could be a formidable candidate for president.

There is also a chance that she may succeed where Hillary failed. Hillary at times gave a jaded look, but Ivanka is fresh, and that will be a plus point. One can safely say it is an amalgamation of beauty and brains that Ivanka carries with her.

Ivanka Trump grooming

Ivanka was born in 1981, and she has been on the board of her father's companies. Also, she is a well-known brand name. Her brand of jewelry is sold all over the US, Canada, and the Middle East. She has also been along with Donald on the election trail and has been groomed by Donald. She was present when Donald met the Japanese prime minister at Trump Towers. Ivanka is a lady of poise and has learned a lot from her father, who she admires.

Presidential candidate

Ivanka played a significant role in the last election in support of her father. It would not be wrong to say that she has been groomed by her father. Ivanka could try to get the GOP nomination at that time. Getting the Republican nomination may be more difficult than winning the election. Supposing she gets the nomination, she will be a formidable candidate, and she could succeed where Hillary failed.

It may also be the time when the American public may be more receptive to a woman as the potential US president.

Last word

America is passing through tough times, and there is greater polarization than ever. Donald is intent on his agenda, and that has created division in American society. This is not going to go away, and it may require a woman like Ivanka to heal the rift.