That's not an elephant in the courtroom it's a psychopath! It's a psychopath! It's a Narcissist! Whatever you want to call these high conflict people you will know them by their actions! Such as the woman in California who decided to run down her ex-husband after court along with his friends and some innocent bystanders. After her rampage, this psychopath jumped off a bridge to her death. American courtrooms are littered with high conflict disputes where psychopaths and narcissists manipulate the system resulting in the further abuse of their victims.

Victims of psychopaths or narcissists, or narcopaths,are usually a family member or spouse and if you're lucky you won't have any regular interactions with them because once they decide to destroy you they will. One of their favorite methods of destruction is through legal abuse. Legal abuse takes place when a person knowingly makes false allegations of crimes or abuse in order to keep you chained to the courthouse. Narcopathswill look like your spouse, friend, or your neighbor and can be recognized by their evil actions.

Psychopaths and narcissiststypically give the impression of having it all together but what they do behind closed doors or in private is nothing short of domestic terrorism.

One thing is for sure, narcopaths wreak havoc in homes and courtrooms across the nation and are usually never held accountable for their actions because they are so good at smearing their victims to anyone who has authority over the situation.

The psychopath or narcissist in the courtroom

Thepsychopathic narcissist's reign of terror usually begins at home and escalates into the family court system.

As was seen this year in Texas when Christy Sheats, with a history of abuse, murdered her two teenage daughters to punish her husband. More recently was the case of NarcopathNathan Weitzel who crashed his car because he was trying to kill his 2-year-old son.

According to an article published in blastingnews one insidious case of a psychopathic narcissists legal abuse is that of the South Carolina father, Timothy Jones, who gained custody of his five children and then murdered them.

This narcopathic father had a history of abuse and multiple reports from various sources were made against him to police and DCFS and still he won full custody of his children just long enough to kill them. Apparently "the mother sued the South Carolina Department of Social Services as they did not fully investigate the allegations of abuse and could have prevented the children from going with their father.". If this narcopath had been stopped these children might still be alive today.

Narcopaths manipulate evidence to win in court

Normal people believe that the evidence will always present the truth but in cases involving psychopaths or narcissists, the evidence is manipulated beyond recognition to the point that abusers fabricate evidence, use hearsay as evidence, and make false allegations against their victims to government officials in order to gain an upper hand and win at all costs.

To keep ignoring the narcopath in the courtroom is an injustice to victims of abuse.

These psychopathic narcissists will stop at nothing to inflict as much pain and damage on their victims as possible. False allegations of abuse or crimes should be punishable with jail time. If a high conflict court case involving a narcopath is noticed then it should be the duty of the court to intervene the obvious legal abuse taking place and start talking about the elephant in the courtroom.