Donald Trump often says no one cherishes or respects women more than he does. Maybe we have misunderstood what the Donald meant because we don’t know his definition of respect. Here’s a case in point. In 2009, actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston tragically lost their autistic son, Jett, while vacationing in the Bahamas. The 16-year-old accidentally hit his head on a bathtub and soon passed away following a seizure. While many of those who travel in entertainment circles showed an outpouring of condolences, Trump did the same for only a nanosecond before pivoting to his failed attempt to sleep with Jett’s mom, Kelly.

Still in existence is a blog entry posted by Trump on the Trump University website. Before mentioning how sure he was of Kelly Preston having been a wonderful mother to Jett and extending his thoughts to her and the family, Trump first goes down sleazy memory lane. The man who would probably love to have his image carved on Mount Rushmore wrote about his talent for picking up beautiful females.

From the artist of the deal to the pick-up artist

According to the blog and before he was married, Trump met Preston at a club and worked like Hades to pick her up. She was beautiful and alluring. He goes on to write that he had no idea she was married to John Travolta. Perhaps Trump saw the movie “Pulp Fiction” and decided he had better put the Tic-Tacs away.

The self-professed playboy said that in any event, his track record of picking up women has always been “outstanding” but Preston wouldn’t give him the time of day.

To be worthy of respect

Trump accepted the rebuff, conceding that he didn’t stand a chance, plus he respected Preston even more for her unwavering loyalty to her husband.

Interesting how Trump admired Preston for honoring her marriage vows yet made ugly jabs at Nancy O’Donnell following her post rejection. Again, maybe it’s the whole John Travolta hit-man character thing in “Pulp Fiction.” After all, Trump seems incapable of separating fact from fiction. Did he think Travolta’s Vincent Vega character would come for him for hitting on the wife? To Trump, respect is given if you are loyal to him and apparently, it also comes when you’re married to men who play hit-men on the big screen.