The Balkan Peninsula, shortly referred as Balkans,was historically the most turbulent region of the European continent. The entire region has passed through so many wars that if George R. R. Martin would write his A song of Ice and Firenovels based on the Balkans history, the result would be the same as the fantasy story. The country that has mostly suffered from the events influencing the Balkans politics is Albania. They affected it so badly that itturned out to be the only country in the world bordered by its own territories.

To understand why Albania is in this dead-end and wrong path, we should analyze the case from its early stages.

London Conference separates a nation with borders

The London Conference of 1912-1913, also known as the London Peace Conference, was the most fraudulentinternational conference where the Great Powers traded the autochthonous Albanian land to the chauvinist neighboring Greece and the Yugoslavia.

The injustice made in the London Conferenceseparated the Illyrian-Albanians with 4000 years history and kneeled them in front of the Slavs that came to Europe in the 7th century, in an event known in history as the Barbarian Invasion.

During this conference,Albania was crippled, the Chameria and Ioanninaregionswere given to Greece, Kosovo, llirida(the Albanian-inhabited territory in current FYROM) and Malesia (Albanian-inhabited territory in Montenegro) were given to Yugoslavia.

The newly-formed government of Albania requested a recognized sovereign state covering the entire Albanian-inhabited land, but such request did not meet the interest of Albania's neighbors who were backed by the Great Powers.

Albanian people persecuted by Slavs and Greeks

Straightly after the disabled Albania was set, the Slavs and Greeks would start a marathon of exchanging population with the Ottoman Empire.

The Muslim-Albanians abroad would be traded as objects and targetted as Turkish by Slavs and Greeks. But yet, the worst arrived at the end of the World War II, when Greece accused over half a million people of being collaborationists because of 60 Cham-ethnic soldiers that joined the Hitlerian army. During this era, the Greece would execute nearly 100,000 Albanian Chams and expel all the rest out of its territory.

Greece still condemns the Chams and keeps a ridiculous and nonsense law of war with Albania.

The same thing happened in the Yugoslavia-owned Albanian territories.Albanian-ethnic people would be categorized as secondary people, they had limited rights, were prosecuted and executed until the beginning of theWar of Kosovo.

25 years willing to accomplish the wrong union

Albania and Albanians are in a voyage of 25 years to join the European Union. But the real reason why they want to join the EU is because they believe that when the entire Balkan will be part of the EU the condemnedborders that separate a nation will just quit existing.

This is how the Albanianslied to themselves, with a dream that's slowly fading.

After Brexit, there's no more guarantee that EU is a permanent union – and with the downfall of the European Union, Ethnic Albaniacomes down.

Albania: forget Integration, hit on unification

Albanians are the only peaceful nation of the Balkans, the only nation that never showed any chauvinist intention toward the neighbors, but still, it is a hostage of the neighboring chauvinism.

The right path is not the EU for Albania, but the unification of Albanian-inhabited lands in one single country. There's no reasonable reason to live bordered with formalities and bureaucracies when the solution is democratic. The only solution to the Albanian problem is a referendum in all of the Albanian-inhabited territory for union under one state, one flag, one identity and one anthem. This is what Albanian government must aim, not EU.