In recent days I have watched carefully media publications. I wanted to observe if this very important date in the history of the past century will be remembered. Unfortunately, the subject has been neglected. However, what the Nuremberg process represented should not be forgotten. Then it was created a precedent.

War criminals were brought to justice and punished afterwards. The process was organized by member states in the winning coalition, post-World War II: the United States, Britain, Russia, and France.The criminal trial began on October 20th, 1945 in Nuremberg.

It should be noted that this process could occur because Germany surrendered unconditionally. It was a price paid for all the atrocities committed by the Nazi authorities.

This trial has brought in front of the International Military Court many names in the nazi hierarchy of power. The most famous name is surely H. Göring. He was the right hand of Adolf Hitler. He was tried and sentenced to death. He committed suicide the night before the execution.

These are other quite familiar names from Nazi command chain which have been brought to justice: Albert Speer, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Franz von Papen, Martin Bormann, Karl Dönitz, Rudolf Hess, Alfred Rosenberg, Fritz Sauckel Julius Streicher. Most of them have been sentenced to death or to life in prison.

I am not going to dwell on the details regarding the sentences received by them. What is important is the awareness of the importance of this event for us.

The Nazi regime brought chaos and war in Europe and beyond. The horrors committed in six years of war have left deep wounds that will not heal soon. The persecution of the Jews and their extermination in Nazi camps showed the whole world a new face of mankind,a side dominated by racial hatred, anti-Semitism, cruelty and terror.

That's exactly why I wrote this article. We must not forget the past. If we do that, there are chances to repeat the mistakes of our predecessors. History has given us a hard lesson seven decades ago. Let's not forget that!