On Thursday, Sean Spicer, the former White House Press Secretary, sent his last words to the white house staff in an email, saying that he considered his work in Trump's administration to be the “honor of a lifetime,” Fox News reported. He declared his resignation on July 21 but served as spokesperson for President Donald Trump until the end of August.

Why did Spicer resign?

Spicer resigned after Anthony Scaramucci was hired as the White House Communications Director. Spicer disagreed with the hire, saying that Scaramucci would only bring more confusion to the White House.

Although President Trump said that Spicer could remain as press secretary, he rejected the offer, The New York Times reported.

Donald Trump's goal is to make sure his communications staff defends him well and to stop any anonymous leaking, so Scaramucci offered Trump his services. Nevertheless, Scaramucci managed to serve for 10 days only. Scaramucci had to leave his role when the new Chief of Staff John Kelly recommended to replace him.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was chosen as Spicer's replacement for Press Secretary.

The last email to President

Spicer hoped to serve as Press Secretary for at least one year. However, he left his post after half a year. In his email, Spicer thanked President Donald Trump and his spouse Melania for the privilege to work with them, noting that Trump established an amazing team.

Spicer also mentioned the workers of White House Military Office, the Secret Service, and the Residence Staff, saying that he was glad and proud to work with them. On Friday evening, President Trump praised Spicer's ratings on television and noted that Spicer was “a wonderful person who took tremendous abuse from the Fake News Media - but his future is bright!”

Although President Trump and Sean Spicer were not close, they spent much time together, and the president wanted him to stay.

Nevertheless, the president considered Spicer not to be “tough” enough anymore, and Spicer got tired of the president's criticism, White House staff reported.

According to the Daily Mail, Sean Spicer always made errors in his texts. His farewell email was also written with typos. On August 31, Spicer also shared a photo with the White House workers on Twitter, asking them in a tweet to make America great and keep it safe.

At the end of his email, he said, "I am proud to have worked with each and every one of you."