Retrieving cash from an ATM machine has become quite a routine task for people and it is one of the simplest ways of getting one’s hands on their own money. However, what took place inside an Atm in Texas recently was anything but usual. In fact, it was quite a shock to the bank employees as well as for the police authorities who were called in regarding the weird incident.

Man found trapped inside ATM machine

People who went to withdraw cash from a Bank of America ATM in Texas received a curious little text alongside the receipt of the transaction from inside the machine.

On the back of the receipt, they would get a handwritten note which claimed that someone was stuck inside the machine and could not get out. Considering the strangeness of this phenomenon, many people felt that this was part of some prank being played on them by the bank employees.

However, the truth was much stranger. A contractor working on the machine had indeed mistakenly locked himself inside the machine without any means of getting out. He did not even have his cell phone with him, which he could have used to alert his superiors. That is why the man chose to write his plea for help on the receipts so that people outside could help him out in this predicament. Along with his plea for help, the note also contained the phone number of his supervisor, where the contractor hoped someone on the outside would call.

Police later revealed that the contractor was supposed to install new locks to an empty room inside the ATM machine. While putting in the new locks, he entered the machine and the door got locked somehow, trapping him inside. He had left his phone in the truck and did not have any means to contact his bosses for help.

What finally happened?

Many of the customers dismissed the plea for help as an elaborate prank being played on them. It doesn't look like anyone called the number on the receipt to alert the man's boss. However, after many unsuccessful attempts, one Good Samaritan called the police to report the strange note and situation. The police officials themselves were hesitant to believe what was being reported to them.

After arriving at the scene though, they could hear faint sounds of the contractor’s voice. It was then that they realized that a man had really trapped himself inside the ATM and needed help getting out. The police officials busted the door down and freed the man trapped inside. He was not hurt in any way and was free to go since there was no crime reported against him.