Shimming surfaces, vibrant colors, fantastical abstract forms, joy, positivity, life—these are the images and feelings represented by the glamorous and gorgeous artwork of Eddie Mosler.

Eddie was born in Ecuador and is currently one of the nation’s most lauded creators. He has revolutionized the concept of abstract art in central and South America and recently exhibited his stunning works in New York City's ArtExpo. His unique paintings are highly valued by collectors and galleries alike. In fact, at ArtExpo, Eddie was picked up by Haphira and Ventura Gallery; his first official American representation.

Eddie's artwork is heavily included by the universe, holistic medical practices, spirituality, and the colorful and lively culture of Ecuador. Having been creating artwork since early childhood, Eddie has won many awards and went on to study art. Although a largely self-taught painter, his works include a maturity that captivates the imagination of viewers all over the world.

On August 7, 2018, Eddie granted an exclusive interview where he discussed his artistic creations, his love of colors, his plans for the future, and more.

Color, nature, and creative influences

Meagan Meehan (MM): When you were a child, what aroused your interest in creating works of art and how did you develop your unique and distinctive style as an adult?

Eddie Mosler (EM): I have always been a curious child who felt the need to show how I saw the world through figures and shapes. The way how I expressed myself was through those paintings and drawings. I started drawing my first sketches at the age of five. I developed a great interest in the ink pen. Somehow, I always knew there was more than what the eye sees, and that true artwork can only be born through the creation of something that is one hundred percent genuine.

I never attended any art school or followed any artistic tendencies. My goal was to create my own artwork. As an adult I became fascinated by the magic of the universe, so it became my big inspiration.

MM: How did you break into the art industry and get your work seen internationally?

EM: I was completing the Bachelor of Laws when I was twenty-four, when my artistic side reemerged and I felt that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Since this I decided to leave school and open my own gallery with my savings. Thanks to my gallery I was in touch with other galleries from abroad Ecuador. This great project allows me to exhibit some of my artwork internationally.

MM: You were born in Ecuador, so how much does your culture and heritage influence your creativity?

EM: I was born in Ecuador, but my father has Austrian descendance and my mother an Arabian and Ecuadorian origin. For this reason, my artwork is not only under the influence of one culture but by the fusion of all cultures and heritages. Through my paintings I have learned to value everything; every culture, every human being and everything that is part of this planet and the universe.

MM: You are very inspired by color, so which combinations work best and/or are your favorites?

EM: I work with a wide variety of color combinations, but I personally feel a special connection with violet, green and orange. I cannot express how I feel when I work with those colors, the only thing I can say is that when I paint with those colors I feel that I get transported into a different dimension. During those moments I feel that time doesn't exist and forget about everything else in the world.

MM: You are influenced by nature and spirituality and your artwork has been featured in healing ceremonies, so what have those experiences been like?

EM: As I mentioned before, I used nature and the universe as my source of inspiration.

But thanks to healing ceremonies, I discovered a deeper meaning about nature, the universe and colors. I also got interested in the seven rays of the universe and chromotherapy. With this, I learned that colors have an impact in some aspects of life.

Experiences, ArtExpo, and goals

MM: What kinds of overall life experiences and/or opportunities has your artwork given you?

EM: My artwork has given me the opportunity to integrate color as a fundamental base for helping people around the world to heal not only physically but from the soul.

MM: You recently displayed your art at ArtExpo in NYC and gained American representation, so did you have a good experience of the show overall?

EM: It was a real honor to me, being part of ArtExpo in New York, especially because it represented an opportunity for me to expand the magic of color to the world.

Exhibiting in New York represents a wonderful opportunity to expand the vibration of color and light to the entire world since New York represents a big energetic center and a city of incredibly high vibration. I also had the opportunity to be represented by a New York Gallery called Saphira & Ventura.

MM: What are your primary goals for the future of your art career and would you like to talk about anything else?

EM: My primary goal for the future is to have the opportunity to exhibit my artwork all over the world and transmit a message of clarity, transmutation, expansion of consciousness and recognition of the light. I also want to transmit a message of freedom and originality that inspires future artists to find their own style. I already started planning a new collection that will be based on the light.