Charades is one of the oldest and most popular party games that has been entertaining people for decades. The highly physical and often hilarious game has been translated into a variety of mediums including game-shows like “Give Us A Clue” and “Celebrity Charades” as well as video Games such as Wii’s “Act It Out.” Most recently, an inventor named Emile Kalis designed a unique and fun version of charades that involves an inflatable doll known as "The Dude."

Games, cards, and inflatable men

Board and card games based on charades have proven to be especially popular, and toy stores are full of titles like “Family Charades in a Box,” “Family Charades Card Game,” and “Say the Word.” Yet in the Spring of 2017, a company known as Identity Games put a truly unique spin on the classic charades trend via their newly released title, “Who’s The Dude?”

"Who’s The Dude?" is a brand-new game that puts a hilarious spin on the classic charades concept.

"Who's The Dude?" comes with a five-foot-tall inflatable doll that is shaped like a man wearing shorts, sunglasses, and a snazzy headband. As players take turns drawing cards with commands on them--such as acting out film scenes, sport, or a profession--they must somehow include the inflatable doll in the re-enactment.

The content for the game is largely appropriate for all ages, although there are some slightly more adult-themed cards, and it is designed to last for thirty minutes. The game can include many players and is typically funnier when more people are involved which makes it an ideal party activity.

Game designer Emile Kalis recently discussed this innovative and popular game and the process of creating it.

Interview, inspirations, and aspirations

Meagan Meehan (MM): First things first: Are you a fan of "The Big Lebowski" and how much, if at all, did that film inspire your inflatable "Dude" character?

Emile Kalis (EK): Hahaha, yes, my colleagues and I are! Well, maybe a little bit but we were more inspired by “The Hangover” guy or maybe a mix between them!

MM: What gave you the idea to create the "Who's the Dude" game?

EK: I have been working together with a company called 7Towns that brought up the initial idea. Then, I and some of my creative team translated their concept into the “Dude” character. As a company, we always look for edgy things; the game plays that are new, unique, exciting, nice to play and great to watch!

MM: How did you decide to place an inflatable doll in the game and what was the process of designing it like?

EK: The inflatable doll was part of the initial idea. Then we looked for examples, references; like what would be great models for this audience? It had to be a little bit weird, different, but, at the same time, easy to recognize. After a pretty short time, we ended up with the one and only Dude!

MM: In total, how long did it take to think up all 440 charades?

EK: Around a month. Plus, testing for over sixty days and then we had to replace a couple and so on…So it was quite a process!

MM: You recommend this game for people sixteen years or older, but most of the charade prompts are pretty tame, so can younger kids play with this too?

EK: Absolutely, we just want to avoid any gray area between inappropriate and offending towards young(er) players.

But it’s true that this game is enjoyable for people of varied ages, and it's especially useful for a party.

MM: What kinds of feedback have you gotten so far and what are some of the most creative ways you have seen "The Dude" used?

EK: The feedback has been great from retailer to consumers. We have seen our Dude in pools, the sea, at restaurants, night clubs, literally in the train, cars, on vacation, and on skies! He gets around.

MM: What other games have you created, or are currently working on, and is there anything else that you would like to mention?

EK: I am associated with a company that has been in business for twenty-five years. At this moment, our “Escape Room: The Game” is doing great as is“Boom Boom Balloon,” “Poopyhead,” “Miffy & Elmo Hide and Seek” and the “Find It Games” series, just to name a few!

We find idea everywhere and have lots of future aspirations to bring even more fun to families all over the world.

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