It is almost a year since Square Enix released “Final Fantasy XV” on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Next year, the Japan-based video game developer and publisher will release the much-awaited PC version of the game.

But before the PC version is released, Square Enix will release another version of the game that will reach out to mobile players. Announced at Gamescom 2017, “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” is scheduled for release before the year ends; specific date of release has yet to be officially announced.

‘FFXV’ on mobile platform

A day after announcing that they plan to unveil FFXV” on PC next year, Square Enix also announced that they will come up with a mobile version.

As described on their official website, “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” will have “all of the main characters and main story of the console and PC versions.”

This means that players can expect all 10 episodes from the console versions to become available from day once the mobile version is released. What’s more exciting is the new way to play “FFXV,” obviously since players will use the “casual touch controls optimized for mobile devices.”

According to UK-based website Telegraph, all 10 episodes of “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” will be available from Day 1. However, only the first episode is free to all while the other nine episodes are paid content.

Reaching more players

The goal of Square Enix is simple – reach more players by expanding to the available platforms that are more accessible.

By creating “FFVV” available to mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows 10, gamers, players and mobile users are able to play wherever they are, whenever.

Based on the video trailer, the full graphics of “FFVV” was redesigned to fit for mobile devices. Thus, players will control Noctis which looks more of a cartoon instead of its 3D console version.

Game controls

The biggest change in the mobile edition of “FFXV” is definitely the controls. From holding controls, players will depend on touching the screen like any other mobile games. While Square Enix has yet to release any information about controls, the trailer gave us a glimpse of how the game is going to be played.

Of course, the controls on the mobile edition of “Final Fantasy XV” are done thru tapping.

As suggested by Telegraph, players will have to move Noctis around thru tapping: from going on one place to another, running, boss fights and deflecting attacks among other controls.

Pre-registration for “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition” is now available for Android users via Google Play Store. No update so far for iOS and Windows 10 users though details are expected to come more often in the coming weeks.