Shortly after the news that Bungie's sci-fi multiplayer FPS "Destiny 2" would receive its first expansion on December 5, the developer's latest Weekly Update revealed upcoming changes to "Trials of the Nine."

Due to an exploit made possible by equipping a paid emote, Bungie felt the need to take the highly competitive multiplayer mode offline for emergency balancing.

What is the exploit?

By using the 'Bureaucratic Walk' emote which was available for sale from the in-game real money vendor Tess Everess last week, players discovered they could glitch into walls at will.

This happened for fun in social spaces like The Tower and The Farm, but it also worked in multiplayer. As referenced below, it even had been utilized to win a round in "Trials of the Nine."

What is 'Trials of the Nine?'

The follow-up to the highly popular "Trials of Osiris" mode from the original "Destiny" pits four players against teams from all over the world. Their goal is to go undefeated in seven consecutive matches without a single loss. Failure to do so will void their entry into the game's most prized and secretive location on the Spire.

Success rewards them with highly coveted loot and bragging rights.

Who does this news affect most?

Many streamers and gamers have made a name for themselves playing "Trials in Destiny." Some have even gone as far as to make the livelihood off the event which typically runs from Friday through Monday every week. The popular streamers are definitely letting their displeasure over Bungie's decision be known.

Popular Twitch streamer GernaderJake revealed he had missed out on the popular TwitchCon event going on this week due to his belief that the regularly scheduled Trials would continue as planned.

Unfortunately for many, Bungie's plans to address the exploit were counter to such expectations.

Letting his annoyance at Bungie's decision be known, streamer and paid "Destiny" player WishYouLuck took to Twitter. He is one of many gamers who have risen to fame based on their success in Bungie's latest first-person shooter series. He even offers "paid carries" for less experienced players to successfully reach seven wins by playing with them.

While Bungie has stated that the mode is expected to return on November 3 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as arrive on the newly launching PC version, that is two weeks without the game's most popular content.

Trials has driven views of "Destiny" on Twitch ever since it came to the game in 2015. With new games around the corner, such as "Call of Duty WWII," "Destiny 2" may find itself competing for gamers' attention.