The crowd at PlayStation Experience 2016 were stunned after watching that sad, hate-filled trailer of the “The Last of Us Part 2.” But for fans and gamers who are looking forward to seeing the continuation of Ellie and Joel’s story might be in for a big disappointment if they think the sequel will be released next year.

In a recent interview with UK-based website Daily Star, Naughty Dog communications director Arne Meyer and creative director/writer Shaun Escayg shed some details about the game developer’s future projects. According to the two game executives, the entire studio is currently focused on the impending release of “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” on August 22.

One project at a time

Apart from exploring a whole new horizon without its main character, Nathan Drake, the entire studio outfit braces itself for immediate follow ups and bug fixes among others on which players might stumble while playing the game. In short, Naughty Dog cannot start “The Last of Us Part 2” while their plate is full.

Clarifying the game developer’s previous stance of not “a two-game studio”; that Naughty Dog works only on one project at a time, Shaun and Arne were asked about the status of the development of “The Last of Us Part 2. The two might have been caught off-guard.

“Sorry, that's how I keep my poker face, by grinning at everything,” Shaun said. With the way Shaun grinned, he easily gave a clue as far as the progress of the game goes, even without saying a word.

No story plot yet

Nevertheless, Arne was able to pull off some encouraging message to the fans of “The Last of Us” without making them worry. His message was so cryptic. According to gaming website Neowin, he made everyone think they have already started working on the sequel, only to find out that they’re not. The game developer doesn’t even have a story for the sequel!

Arne stated that once they are done with “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”, the entire force of Naughty Dog will be focused on "The Last of Us Part Two". "At some point, parts of the team that will try to figure out what's next and how that goes when ‘The Last of Us Part Two’ is [in] full production,” Arne said.

The Last of Us Part 2” has no story plot yet, even though Sony already released the trailer at PSX 2016 last December.

But this totally contradicts Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann’s statement back in December, “This story is about hate, through Ellie this time.”

Whichever is true, what matters the most is that the game developer already made its first step towards making “The Last of Us Part 2”. We’ll see what happens next after Naughty Dog delivered the “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”.