After publicly showing remorse over the last Battlefront game, EA ramped up the hype over "Star Wars: Battlefront 2" by piece meal leaks of footage of its much-awaited campaign story mode. A redeeming gesture by EA over the lackluster performance of the previous Battlefront release.

The new video adds allure to the 'dark side'

Mark Thompson, Motive studio game director, said that the imperial perspective of the new campaign mode explores how the empire and its organization works. Developers are adamant to point out that the new Battlefront story is essential to understanding the continuity of the Star Wars saga.

This is a major leap from the traditional story telling formula of older Star Wars games such as "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic," where the dark side is only an option one can choose.

The newly released teaser titled "Star Wars Battlefront 2: Behind the Story" reveals the optimism of the developers over the new campaign story that focuses on the Empire side immediately after the second death star exploded. The video continued on to describe the situation Iden Versio, the protagonist, is immersed in. The developers of the campaign mode strives to show the human side of the empire and how strong familial ties are also present in an organization influenced by the dark side.

The video continues on to show brief footage of game play, which was sparsely provided by EA.

Because of this, many are more excited about the story mode and how it will play out compared to the multiplayer game play shown on E3.

How will the new installment make up for the previous blunders?

The previous Battlefront showed only the graphical mastery of DICE studios on creating visuals. However, everything else was deemed sub par, especially with fans, who are expecting more from EA.

The small number of maps, unbalanced weapons, the limited game modes, the absence of space battles and having no single player campaign made the previous game a bittersweet pill to swallow.

Many game experts are praising EA for the courage to make amends, though one might think that the said studio may have planned this all along.

Nevertheless, the main selling point of "Star Wars: Battlefront 2" is the campaign mode and a lot of fans are hoping that the story will be satisfying, engaging and expertly done. Many are hoping that the Star Wars Saga will be improved by this game. The chance to offer a different perspective must not be wasted and EA should know better not to waste this golden opportunity given to them by millions of loyal and passionate Star Wars fans.