choose articlesAs most of you probably aware, Instagram has become a social space to monetize off of. You can often scroll through your feed and see bloggers/celebrities posting pictures of partnerships, promo codes, and advertisements. Recently, Blasting News has witnessed an abundance of traffic being driven from Instagram. Do you use Instagram to read up on the latest news or to share content? If so, this article is perfect for you.

We want to help all of our writers and Social Blasters understand the common sharing practices on Instagram. We hope this will help drive more readers to your articles.

How to share content on Instagram

We are going to show you the latest examples of how celebrities and reality television hosts have been sharing our content to their Instagram accounts. We hope that you can replicate similar practices on your account pages. What you will see below is that they use the swipe up feature with a catchy line to bring readers to the article. We understand that you have to have at least 10K Instagram followers to utilize this feature. The picture below is from Kailyn Lowry's Instagram account. Kailyn is a reality television star who starred on Teen Mom 2. Remember to always share content that is catchy and engaging. Try to choose articles that do not give away all information within the title.

Visuals below on the swipe up feature...

Once you swipe up on Instagram, it directly takes you to the Blasting News article shared. Easy!

Here is how another star shared our content with the swipe up feature.

Other sharing practices on Instagram

We understand that not everyone has 10K followers on Instagram to utilize the swipe up feature. Don't fret! There are other ways to share your articles on Instagram. Here are the three other options for viewership:

1- Share the link in your bio.

You can still post on your story that you have an article and to read it through your the link which can be found in your bio.

2- Post a photo of your article and put the link as the caption.

3- Post a photo of your article as your Story Highlight. Then tell your followers that the content can be read from the link in your bio. The Story Highlight is a great feature as it allows you to control how long your post is up. It doesn't expire after 24 hours like the story feature.

We hope these quick tips can be utilized on your next share. You can email if you have any additional questions.

Thank you and happy sharing!