Here at Blasting News we allow everyone to write about what they love. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can simply log in and start contributing, being paid for the amount of people that read their articles. It's a simple revenue-share logic.

However, many people struggle at reaching the desired amount of readers. When you look around, there are some people who are able to craft contagious content every single time. What’s their secret? Do they know something you don’t? The answer is Yes! They do!

We have compiled a list with the best techniques you can apply to your next Blasting News article to make it explode.

1) Invoke Awe, Laughter, or Amusement

BuzzSumo analyzed the social share counts of the top 10,000 most shared articles across the web and mapped each one to an emotion, such as joy, sadness, anger, amusement, laughter, etc.

The most popular 3 emotions invoked were:

  • awe (25%)
  • laughter (17%)
  • amusement (15%)

So why do people share an article? Awe-inspiring and funny content definitely fulfills the first three reasons. Sharing entertaining content brings value to our friends, shows others we have great taste, and spurs conversation and reactions.

2) People tend to share content that looks trustworthy

It turns out that trust does play a major role in Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Articles with a byline or bio have 0.10% more social shares than those without. In contrast,  on Google+, articles with a byline/bio have 42% more social shares. So our advice here? Instead of signing your articles as 'FunkyWriter' and using a profile pic of a panda, use your name and photo. You can even add a short bio to your Blaster page to add more trust to your content. The reader will appreciate it and, if you use the right keywords – like those related to the topics you write about and are expert of - it will benefit your articles’ search engines ranking as well.

3) Research your topic BEFORE you write about it

Have a look at Google Trends to find out what's trending right now (Google News is really sensible to hot topics). Then, check out Google Keyword Planner to find the most relevant keyword for your topic - to learn about keyword research take a look at this guide by Brian Dean. This will be your main keyword and you should include it in the title of your article as well as bolded in the first paragraph of your piece of content. It's important that you include related keywords in order to help search engines understand what your content is about and rank it as best as they can. For this, you can use tools like Ubersuggest and to find keywords related to the main one you are targeting. Finally, try to give your content a unique point of view. Don't just report the news: try to expand on some specific related keywords which get often researched on Google. That would help you differentiate your content against the competiton. If you only report a news, you are telling Google something it already "knows".

4) Get involved with people interested in the topic

Instead of writing your content first and then looking for places to spread it, find a piece of content that is relevant to the one you want to produce and find out where it was shared and by whom. Then start building a relationship with those influencers before you launch your post.

With tools like BuzzSumo, you can find the most shared articles in the past 6 months using the Top Content Search. You can see who shared each article by clicking on the “View Sharers” button. There you’ll see a list of people who shared this article on Twitter, sorted by average retweets. In other words, it’s sorted by their influence level. Once you have this list, you should try to reach out to each of them and get them involved in your content in some way such as asking them for a quote you’ll use in your article or asking them a question to get feedback on an idea. People love to share things they’ve been involved in, even if they weren’t involved in it directly.

5) Share your articles on Facebook groups

We are not telling you to become a Spammer. No one likes those and it will ultimately get you blocked from Facebook. Most groups have a clear set of rules that do not allow people to post anything unrelated to the topic of the group. Some groups don’t even allow links at all. So, first of all, read the rules.

Seek out Facebook groups that have an audience that would be interested in your articles, and then get actively involved in them. Participate in discussions and be a part of the community. This won’t work for you if you are a lurker. As you become more active, people will begin to notice you and take interest in you and what you share.

6) Participate in forums

Another great free way to get your articles some traffic is by participating in forums that relate to your article's topic. If you are promoting your sports article then you could participate in sports related forums. You shouldn’t just keep putting your link on the forum, however, as it will make you look like spam. Instead, make interesting comments, participate in debates and then add a link to your Blaster profile in your signature. This is an effective way to get your link in front of people that are interested in the topic, which will send more targeted, qualified readers to your articles.

7) Comment on blogs

This is similar to #5 and #6, as you will essentially be trying to get your name or article in front of people that are already interested in the topic. If you know of a blog that talks about the topics you normally write about, you should go there and make some comments. You can try commenting on several blogs in your niche, which will increase the chances that you get some traffic.

8) Make a video

People are increasingly turning to video over text. To take advantage you can make a “How to” video or tutorial about your topic. Just be sure to make it interesting or informative and to put your link in the description as well as in the video. And then, you can even embed it on your article and earn double visibility. Even if you don’t make a video yourself, embedding a relevant one found on YouTube is a great way to improve the engagement of your article and make Google happier!

9) Keep at it

You should not expect to see results in the first day. If you keep plugging away and use a variety of these free techniques, you can drive traffic to your articles without spending a dime. The hardest part about this expression is it takes a lot of work. Nothing comes easy, and those who spend the time and put in the work will generate results.


If you haven't joined Blasting News you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to disrupt the news scene and to get paid to write about what you love. Join us today and start applying these techniques.

If you have your own suggestions on how to increase traffic, we would love to hear about them in the comment box below!