On Monday, 19, Europe is experiencing a moment of sadness. A truck broke into a Christmas fair in the capital of Germany, Berlin. The main possibility, according to CNN, is that of another terrorist attack. This year, during the holiday of the fall of the Bastille, in France, another terror attack killed many in the French city of Nice. The collective hit in Berlin still has conflicting data. According to the news network CNN there could be nine dead and more than 50 injured as of 8:10 pm, GMT.


The possibility of Terrorism has been raised, because the truck left an avenue and invaded an area exclusively allocated to the party. The region is having a sort of Christmas fair, with sales and shows. According to information on the G1, the party was going on in the square of Breitscheid, close to the Kurfürstendamm Boulevard. Many police officers and firefighters were on the scene trying to help the wounded.


The driver of the truck, according to the CNN, has been arrested. The network, however, didn't say if his name had already been revealed by the authorities.

The truck invaded the space around 5:00 pm local timeQuickly

The region was overtaken by a climate of panic. This was not the only terrorist attack on Monday. In Turkey, a Russian Ambassador was shot dead by a police officer. He shouted the name of Allah, before the shooting. A video shows the exact moment that the diplomat was shot. He was rescued but ended up dying in the hospital.

Europe is experiencing a climate of terror in addition to the attacks

Today, many refugees from Syria try to enter the Mainland. This is a problem that costs money and requires an awareness of the population. Many Europeans do not agree with the entry of foreigners because of the associated terror attacks in the past. Europe is reeling under the possibility that families out having fun could end up as terror targets.

Below is a video of about ten minutes that shows the fair after the invasion of the truck.Was this an accident or a terrorist attack? Don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments box below.

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