The modern SatanicTemple, an atheist group, has been making the news over the last few years. No, they have not been performing dark rituals in city parks. The organization has been fighting for the civil rights of women and poor people through charity, social media and planned protests. Although they have been criticized for their symbols and for picking Satan as the name which they use for their group, the Satanic Temple has nevertheless put a lot of effort into raising awareness about human rights.

Handling of pro-choice rights

As pro-choice laws have come under fire in recent years, the SatanicTemple has taken every opportunity to not only defend women's reproductive rights but also to attack those who would try to dismantle those rights.

As the state of Texas passed a very strict abortion law the Temple held protests outside of the Texas State capitol. They have held counter protests alongside groups protesting Planned Parenthood clinics. Most recently they decided that their members were exempt from a new law stating that aborted fetuses must have a funeral and be buried or cremated. Their reason for exemption was based on religious belief.

Fight against the GOP

As the new President-elect, Donald Trump declared his intentions regarding women's rights, immigration rights, and LGBT rights, the SatanicTemple has declared it's stance on those same issues very publicly and on its own website. On almost every itopic the Temple and the GOP are on opposing sides of the issue.

As the GOP has attempted to pass laws disproportionately affecting women and people of color, the SatanicTemple has done everything that it can to help its membership become exempt from such laws.

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They have also held prayer ceremonies at public events to balance out the Christian prayers (which are usually held at public events).

Although they have not taken any official stance or action against Donald Trump, the SatanicTemple intends to stand up to any organization intent on stripping the rights of citizens away.