On Monday, 19, a man who has not been identified shot Russia's Ambassador in Turkey, Andrei Karlov. The incident happened in the city of Ankara, one of the largest in the country and also the capital of Turkey. The Ambassador was admitted to a hospital in the region. His condition was considered serious and he later died. The Russian Embassy confirmed to international news agencies that he actually passed away.


The killing happened when Andrei was at a speech in an art exhibition. After the first few minutes of the Ambassador's death, the international media began to give great prominence to the incident.

Pictures of the shooter were scattered by the local media

The shooter appears with a gun and gesturing to the side of the body. According to EFE, the man in the image (which can be seen in our gallery) would be the perpetrator of the crime on the Ambassador who was within international territory in the name of diplomacy.


The killer entered the exhibition wearing formal clothing. He was in a suit and tie and as the event was going on he charged out shouting "Allahu Akbar".

At least eight shots were fired at the politician, showing the clear certainty that the perpetrator was there to kill the Russian Ambassador. CNN says that suspicion of the Terrorism hypothesis is because Turkey and Russia were to make a policy meeting this week, in which they will discuss ways to stop groups like Islamic State.

Journalists, who were in place also say that the shooter shot photographs that were at the show, destroying the works of art. Many people panicked when leaving the gallery. The criminal may have also screamed words in Russian before the shooting. The American newspaper The New York Times says three were injured in the action.

Images of murder WINS CNN

Below is the video that shows the coverage from CNN about the episode.

The most famous news channel in the world displays another photo of the dead Ambassador in addition to the external side of the location where the crime took place. The material is in English, but it is possible to activate the subtitles in Portuguese.

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