In the arena of World Politics, Russia is flexing their muscles once again with the development of a new weapon. The weapon is a new hypersonic missile that can reach Europe in less than twelve minutes. This comes as a warning from the US defense department Earlier this week. According to Express daily, This missile is undetectable on radar. This is due to the ability to travel in the atmosphere.

The Russian and US foreign relations has grown unhealthy since Obama took office. Now, soon to be under the Trump administration, things look to be better between the US and Russia. For the last several years, Putin has been flexing his muscles in an attempt to prevent war.

Yet, some feel like it is completely the opposite and he is trying to start a war.

The hypersonic missile

Unlike nuclear weapons, hypersonic missiles can travel at five times the speed of sound. They can evade detection by skirting the edge of the earth’s atmosphere. But do not let this confuse you. This is still a nuclear missile. The only difference is that the traditional nuclear missile does not travel as fast.

This means that one of these missiles can reach the US in less than thirty minutes. Experts say that Russia is not planning to use the missile. Yet, it is only a precaution, a top scientist of the US Air force claims. That should not be a problem under the Trump Administration.

Another cold war?

Since the cold war ended in the 90's, US and Russian relationships have been at an all time high.

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However, since the war in Syria, US and Russia has been in provocation mode. The cold war was an arms race between the US and Russia to see who could develop nuke missiles first. The battle for airspace and ground in Syria had steered up tension all over again.

Now, it is the same cold war all over again. But, experts say that the west is far behind. Now, With Russia and China in a partnership, things would look grim if they attacked the west. Trump promised in his campaign that he would fix the US and Russian relations. In a press conference after Trump won, Putin applauded Trump for wanting to fix ties.