Ankara - As tensions rise Putin wants to know who ordered ambassador dead. Yesterday, a Turkish police officer shot the ambassador in an assassination. The Ambassador was giving a speech during an art show. in Turkey. Some believe that it has to do with the fact that Russia has been hitting ISIS heavy.

The Assassin was on live television yelling "Allah Akbar" as he pointed the gun at the crowd. This is the term Jihadis use as they reap terror on the masses. Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack according to Independent news. He also screamed that if Muslims die in Aleppo, Russians will die too.

Putin said in a press conference "the killing of the Russian ambassador to Ankara is designed to spoil Russian-Turkish ties." He also said he will not rest until he finds out who ordered the murder, experts say.

With many events happening this close to Christmas, many are wondering about more attacks.

Murder of Russian jet pilots last year

Last year, Russia has tried to mend Turkish/Russian relations after murdering of Russian pilots last year. According to officials, The murder happened after Syrian rebels shot the planes down. As the pilots parachuted down, they were shot in cold blood. This cowardly act got condemned by the UN, and other countries.

Since this happened, Russian/Turkish relations have been shaky at best. According to Independent news, Russian investigators have opened a criminal case into the killing. Putin also says that Moscow's response to the assassination would be extreme.

Putin also said that the assassination was an attempt to hinder the Syrian peace process.

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For the past year, Russia has been bombarding ISIS with airstrikes. According to the video, the assassin said this was why the assassination took place.

Comes within hours of Berlin massacre

The odd part is how close the assassination came to the Berlin Terrorism attack. While no evidence points to a connection, skeptics are curious. Putin said, "There can only be one response - stepping up the fight against terrorism." He promised that the ones responsible will "feel this happening."