CNN - According to CNN, the world came close to seeing a nuclear war between Pakistan and Israel. And what was the cause? A fake news story published by AWD News on Tuesday Infuriated Pakistan, experts say. The story angered Pakistan enough to almost declare war with Israel.

In the story, Former Israeli defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, was quoted as saying he would destroy Pakistan. The story was false of course. Yet, Pakistan took it as gospel. In a tit-for-tat scenario, both countries threatened one another over the satire piece. However, the story was not marked as satire. Due to lack of correct labeling, the outcome could have been devastating.

Fake news affecting real events

According to CNN, the democratic party is blaming "fake news" for Clinton losing, but Cnn is not innocent in the fake news scandals. According to the GATEWAY, in November, CNN interviewed their own camera man as an enraged protester. Many were quick to identify the CNN cameraman as "John," a cameraman for CNN for years. Yet, though that situation did not cause controversy, many fake news articles do.

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NBC did a segment back in 1992. The story was about GMC trucks exploding on impact. The NBC staff rigged a car with road flairs that t-boned the truck in the story. Both truck and car were engulfed in flames within seconds. The fake news story caused GMC stocks to fall.

The story that almost caused war

In the article, AWD said that Israel planned to destroy Pakistan if they got involved in the Syrian conflict. According to CNN, Israel never said that. The story was fabricated and mislabeled. Pakistan retaliated with threats of nuclear war against Israel. According to Haaretz news, This whole situation could have been avoided with the proper label put on the article.

According to Haaretz, anyone who knows Israeli policy knows Israel never admitted to having nuclear arms. So Israel threatening nuclear war would be out of their character. As the war on false news roars to its apex, properly vetted news stories can stop the insanity. While Facebook has the right idea, vetting must be done by professional fact checkers.