Barack Obama, the current President of the United States, imposed sanctions on 9 Russian entities, including the GRU and the FSB, four GRU officers and three companies, and ordered that 35 suspected Russian spies be evicted from the United States. This comes on the heels of allegations of Russia’s involvement in the hacking of the DNC and tampering with the US Presidential election. US intelligence agencies have claimed that not just Russian entities, but the actual President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was personally involved in hacking the DNC.

Russian retaliation

According to the Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Russia, while promising some kind of retaliation, is in no hurry to pursue acting against Washington or the US as a whole because they expect that the incoming President of the United States, Donald Trump, will likely reverse Obama’s ordered sanctions on Russia. Given Trump’s statements on how he is planning on canceling every unconstitutional order given by Obama it is understandable that Russia has drawn this conclusion.

However, the landscape for this sort of reversal, at least with regard to the sanctions on Russia, looks grim due to likely receiving heavy bipartisan opposition in Congress.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said that the sanctions were overdue and that Russia sought to undermine the US consistently. Two Republican Senators, Lindsey Graham and John McCain, intend to push for stronger sanctions than those now in place on Russia.

Continued action against Russia

As of noon on Friday, two compounds that the White House labeled as being used for intelligence purposes will be off limits to the Russians and they have been given 72 hours to leave the US. Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US will not be one of the people made to leave the country. According to President Obama, these sanctions are just the beginning of actions against Russia by the US.

Obama said that the White House will continue to take action against Russia, some of which will not be made known to the American people.

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