Israel - According to the Telegraph, Israel's defense minister has urged Jews to flee France. France, among 14 other countries, voted against Israeli occupation of what they consider "Palestine." Israel condemns the vote and has said they will not comply. The UN has criticized Jewish habitation in the West Bank.

Benjamin Netanyahu has started a campaign against the 14 countries that voted against Israel. The US, the only ally Israel has, usually vetos the votes. Yet, last week, US representatives declined to veto the bill. Also, Israel has cut all funding to the UN. Not only that, but the RNC moved for America to do the same.

Trump criticizes UN

In a tweet yesterday, president-elect Trump called the UN "a club for people to get together." However, in the same tweet, he did commend the UN's potential. The UN move, according to many US officials, was a bad move.

Trump also said in another tweet that when he is in office, things in the UN will change. Israel has severed contacts with the countries that voted for the bill. Many are calling it "betraying Israel," according to the Frontpage Mag website.

Obama's "shameful betrayal" of Israel

According to the Frontpage, many Americans condemn Obama's decision to not veto the bill.

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The choice in abstention of the vote has many enraged, says the website. The Frontpage Mag goes on to call Obama's move a "shameful betrayal." Many members of congress agree, including Rep. Martha Roby.

Now many French Jews are expected to flee France. According to a piece in the Independent, In January, Jews were fleeing in record numbers. By 2017, the number is expected to double, due to the French vote.

Anti-semitism growth in France

According to the Independent, anti-Semitism has also been growing in record numbers since January. Over 8,000 Jews have left France in 2015. An additional 8,000 have left this year. An estimated 16,000 will flee by the end of 2017, experts say.

That is a far higher rate than anywhere else in the EU. Also, with the growing number of "lone wolf attacks" in the EU, Jews are in fear of attack, due to their religious beliefs. For that reason alone, Many Jews are leaving for Israel. According to sources, the vote just sped things along.