A fierce fire has on December, 25. 2016 gutted down property worth of millions of shillings in Kajiado County's Rombo trading center. The raging fire believed to have been sparked by an electric fault disrupted Christmas festivities and threw the entire trading center into a panic mode.

Efforts by officers from the National Police Service, Kenya Power and Lighting company personnel, local administrators and locals helped deter the fire from spreading to other Business premises in the center.

Near-tragic rescue operation

At some point the rescue operation almost became tragic when a man in the rescue operation attempted to disconnect a main power supply line using an axe.

" Am still wondering how I fell 10 ft from the top of iron sheets [roof] to the ground, after someone cut the main electric cable with a machete resulting in connecting live voltage to iron sheets, a narrow escape." Said an eye witness via a social media post.

Several people are reported to have suffered minor injuries during the operation to put out the fire whose magnitude was huge as could be seen from clouds of smoke evident on images and armature videos captured at the scene of the incident by eye witnesses.

Fire gutted plots which housed big businesses

Owners of the affected premises on a trade line which mainly housed several major wholesale and retail products suppliers, mobile money transfer service providers and residential units are counting losses into the tunes of millions from the inferno and suspected looting by characters who paused as rescuers.

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Most business premises within the Rombo trading center which has witnessed a significant growth in the recent years are made of low-cost iron sheets and timber. There are fears that electrical installations in the center have previously not been to the expected professional standards and that the situation is father complicated by cheap and substandard electrical products.

No fire fighting equipment in Rombo and environs

Although it is not the first time the sprawling trading center of the wealthy Kenya's Kajiado County has suffered a fire outbreak, residents say not a single fire fighting engine or equipment has ever been sighted in the area or the immediate neighboring markets.

Meanwhile. another gruesome fire has been reported in Loitokitok township on Boxing Day, just a day after the Rombo inferno. Efforts to quell the fire were ongoing at the time of going to press. The fire is said to have originated from a premise in a building not far away from a nearby petrol station and the NAEKANA passenger services booking offices.

Insurance products uptake is not very popular among property owners and small-scale entrepreneurs in trading centers outside major cities making it difficult for victims of tragedies such as the Rombo and Loitokitok fire accidents to secure compensation.

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