Cao Dewang, the owner of Fuyao Glass Industry Group in china, is in his words "merely reminding the government" that the cost of labor and Chinese taxes in the manufacturing industry are simply too high. Because of this Dewang is exporting Jobs to America from China. This $600-million investment shows up on the heels of President-elect Donald Trump threatening that he will declare Beijing a currency manipulator and put 45% punitive tariffs on imports from China in order to better protect jobs in America.

Cao Dewang has escaped

Dewang's decision to move a factory to Ohio cause an uproar on social media with many urging China to keep Dewang from running away. "Cao Dewang has escaped" became a trending phrase online. Dewang, in an interview with the Beijing News, said on Wednesday that he did not and will not run. He also said that he is a business man just doing business in the US.

Dewang went on to say that because he is Chinese the center of his empire is in China. Dewang, who began his career in the auto glass industry as a salesman for a local glass maker after dropping out of high school, now boasts a company, FGIG, that claims to be the largest exporter of auto glass in the world with a reported $370-million profit last year alone.

FGIG supplies auto manufacturers such as GM and Volkswagen.

Further, Dewang said in a different interview with China Business News, that China is home to the world's highest taxes and that China's manufacturing industry is suffering under taxes that are actually 35% higher than the taxes that are imposed on the manufacturing industry in the US.

An international empire

Aside from the production lines owned by the Fuyao group in what is now almost a dozen Chinese cities including China's capital city Beijing and the ever business popular Shanghai, but it also owns a factory in Russia.

This move to the US will be the third country in which FGIG has business holdings making a truly international company.

According to the People's Daily, the mouthpiece of China's communist party, instances such as Cao moving jobs to the US means that he and others like him still have confidence in the economy of China.

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