The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC announced that women, especially pregnant individuals should avoid the town of Brownsville, Texas because of the Zika Virus. There have been cases of the deadly virus in the area where the insects are still active because of the warm weather. Brownsville, Texas - US State, is now a dangerous place for pregnant women to stay due to the fact that the Zika Virus may attack and cause problems with the unborn child they are carrying. zika in texas is a very serious problem for the people in the area and officials of the town are concerned about the situation.

CDC is the leading national public health institute from the United States.

Their main goal is the protection of the public health and safety with controlling and preventing diseases, injury and disability. CDC focuses their attention to infectious disease, food-borne pathogens, occupational safety and health, injury prevention and more. Now they have their eyes on the "Yellow" Zika Virus zone in Brownsville, Texas. Zika in Texas is considered a yellow zone because it is mapped as a geographic area where local spread of Zika virus was identified. However, there is no evidence yet of widespread but pregnant women are really at risk.

Brownsville is in Texas - US State, located on the US - Mexico border that has a humid subtropical climate by which mosquitoes that carry the Zika Virus can be active. Brownsville has 41, 047 families residing in the city that is in danger of getting the disease.

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Even men in the city that can make a women pregnant needs to protect themselves from these mosquitos so they cannot infect anyone else.

Zika Virus is carried by mosquitoes that are active during the day and is related with the dengue, Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever. When a person gets the Zika Virus, there are often no symptoms of the disease and if a symptom might occur, it would be a very mild one. As of today, there is still no specific treatment for the virus but to have plenty of rest and a person can take a medicine like paracetamol. The big problem for Zika in Texas or in other parts of the world is for pregnant women of which when the disease hits them, the unborn child may suffer from severe malformations, microcephaly - the baby's head is smaller than normal because the brain did not develop properly which results to smaller head and other birth defects.

The Centers for Disease Control is continuing to encourage people that are living in the area of Brownsville to be very cautious with the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, most specially those who are pregnant and wanting to get pregnant.

They must protect themselves from mosquito bites to prevent having the dreadful virus that has struck some parts of the world. Unborn children are in danger of having birth defects if the mother carries the virus.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what is happening in Brownsville, Texas - US State, we people should now know the danger of having the Zika virus especially for pregnant women, women who wants to get pregnant and men that could make a woman pregnant. The danger comes to the unborn child who suffers the disease, they are born with defects and abnormalities. Take good care yourselves especially those who are in an area where the Zika Virus mosquitoes roam in daytime.