Canada - anti alt-Right protesters are angry with the incidents of racism that appear to be on the rise following on the heels of the US Election 2016. Many alt-Right people voted for Donald Trump and there have been more reported incidents of alt-Right racism and hate propaganda in Canada.

Anti alt-Right protests in Richmond, Canada

An incident that illustrates the anger was reported by CTV News Canada. They quoted a Richmond, B.C. protester as saying that "This is not America.....this is not how we do business." The angry comments came at a protest organized after a pamphlet drop that was anti-Chinese inflamed Richmond residents.

According to the organizer of the protest, Edward Liu, the aim of the alt-Right pamphlets was to "To divide our community according to ethnic origin.” CTV reported that the majority of the residents of Richmond identify with the Chinese.

Racist incidents in Ottawa

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the Richmond incident and urged the public in Canada to contact the Police when these types of incidents happen. CTV News reported ten days ago that Ottawa and Toronto are also experiencing hate crime. These included "red swastikas and racial slurs spray-painted on a local church." Schools have also experienced the same problem. In Ottawa, Muslim and Jewish communities have also been targeted by alt-Right racism.

Canada 'aggressively racist'

While many public figures are denouncing the racism, and blaming America for the recent rise in racism incidents, it seems that there have been some underlying race issues in Canada for some time and that while the rise in incidents has followed the election of Trump in America, this might have merely emboldened existing alt-Right Supporters.

Top Videos of the Day

In a Tv discussion on "The Agenda" panel on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Ken Coates sad that Canada is "an aggressively racist nation." See the short video clip below:

Black Lives matter is active in Canada, illustrating that it is not merely the Jewish, Chinese and Muslim people who have problems with color.

Liberal haven - misconceptions about Canada

During the American elections of 2016, many prominent people in the USA vowed to go and-and live in Canada if Trump and his Republican party won. The rush for the border never materialized, but the current problems regarding race and the alt-Right in the country, do seem to indicate that Canada might not be the haven the liberals were hoping to find.