Zary Frías was driving along in the rain when she arrived at an underpass. She thought the water was shallow and attempted to drive through. However, there was much more water than she first thought and her BMW car quickly started sinking.

It happened on Monday in the eastern Valencia region of Spain, one of many areas hard hit by torrential rain and Flooding in recent days. In the video, we can see Frías clambering out of the window of her vehicle and attempting to keep both her keys and her bag safe. A film crew was recording the torrent and managed to catch her on video, as she climbed on to the roof of her car.

At first she sat on the roof of the vehicle, but then stood up. As the vehicle was slowly swept away by the floods, it sank lower and we can see her waving her arms in an attempt to get rescued.

Rescued from the floods in Sagunto, Spain

After a few minutes, Frías was rescued from the water by a nearby emergency crew and was hoisted onto the shoulders of a fire fighter, who safely carried her to dry land. While the woman looks calm in the video, she told the local Las Provincias newspaper that she was terrified. She said she was distressed and that she didn’t know what to do. Frías could hear some people shouting at her to stay on the car, while others suggested she swim to dry land. She decided to wait until rescuers could come for her.

She was scared as the flood engulfed her vehicle

Frías told the newspaper that she was lucky that she was able to climb out of the car and that if she had been elderly, or had a young child with her, she doesn’t know what would have happened. Reportedly there were “road closed” signs in the area, but Frías says she didn’t see them and by the time she realized how deep the water was, despite trying to back out, her engine cut and she was stuck there.

The video of her dramatic rescue has gone viral on the social media, naturally sparking various funny memes. According to The Local, there had been rainfall of over 100 liters per square meter in Sagunto over the past weekend.

They also reported that in Catalonia, a 20-year-old woman died after she was swept away by a flash flood while trying to leave her vehicle.

Watch the dramatic escape and rescue in the video included below.

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