'Rock On 2' not rocking the box office

In a recent move this week by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi [VIDEO], Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency was rendered null and void in an effort to curb black money and the black market trade. This announcement and policy implementation has led citizens across the country into a mad frenzy, trying to exchange currency -- or in some cases, trying to find creative ways to work around the new ruling. Due to this, The Indian Express notes that since people are worrying about this recent development, they don't have time to go to the movies, and, judging by the numbers, the much anticipated sequel 'Rock On 2' is feeling the consequences at the box office.

It was noted on Friday that audiences didn't turn up to the theater, and overall occupancy was very low in comparison to the usual numbers one might expect at the start of a weekend.

"Rock On 2" premiered on roughly 1700 screens, and yet, it was beaten out by fellow Film "Chaar Sahibzaade" (which saw a 20-25% occupancy rate compared to an underwhelming 15% for "Rock On 2" despite the former only playing on roughly 800 screens). The overall performance of the film was well below the initial expectations leading up to the premiere, and, at this point in time, it's unclear if the move by the Indian Government [VIDEO] is solely to blame for the dip in viewership, or if there are other potential factors at play that ultimately affected the performance of "Rock On 2."

Sequel not as impactful as original film

In American cinema, it's widely accepted that the sequels of most franchises rarely ever live up to the original.

So far, that seems to be the consensus of "Rock On 2" as well. As the original film, "Rock On!!" was well received by critics. Ultimately, even though the film only grossed roughly $7M, it became something of an instant cult favorite when it was originally released in 2008.

Thus far, the overall reviews seem to be mixed, as a quick Twitter search for the film will net you everything from calling it a weak story, to tweets like this below: