According to the Huffington Post, a Pakistani man has been sentenced to death for killing his 12-year-old daughter because she could not make round rotis. Roti is a type of flatbread that is usually eaten with vegetables. It is a traditional food in Pakistan. At first, the father reported the daughter missing and possibly abducted when she didn't return from the store. However, the girl's body was found after it had been dumped outside Mayo Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. 

12-year-old daughter

Twelve-year-old Aneeqa Mehmood lived in Pakistan with her father, Khalid Mehmood and brother Abuzar Mehmood. As the only female in the house, her responsibility was to take on household chores, such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of the men in the house.

 While she might have been good at some of her duties, she was not so good at cooking. Her father did not forgive her for making a mistake when baking the traditional round rotis.  Therefore, he killed his 12-year-old daughter. 

Daughter reported missing

After killing Aneeqa, Mehmood reported her missing, leading police to think she had been abducted when she went to the store to buy food. At first, the police believed Mehmood and considered it a missing person case. As police investigated further, they suspected the father and son were hiding the truth. When the girl's body was found, the Shadbagh police confronted the father and son about her murder. It was then that they confessed to the killing and revealed the reason. The young girl was killed for not making round rotis the right way. 

Death penalty

At first, Khalid was only fined 500,000 rupees.

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Later, a higher court sentenced him to death for what was considered an honor killing. Judge Asghar Khan handed down the death penalty for Khalid Mehmood. The judge stated that the father could not be pardoned because he had murdered his only daughter in cold blood over such a minor issue. Besides, he had lied to the police that the girl was missing before the truth finally came out. Abuzar has not yet been sentenced for his involvement in the murder of his sister. He probably will be punished in some way for taking part in the senseless act.