Castro’s life

There are few world leaders who bring more mixed emotions to mind than Fidel Castro. The former leader of Communist Cuba has been equally praised as a liberator and condemned as a mass murderer. Some Cubans were saddened by Castro’s death, others had conflicting emotions. As will tell you, Castro first rose to power after overthrowing the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in 1959. Castro’s Cuba has had a rocky relationship with the United States for several decades, with the Communist leader in control during the Cold War hostilities between the US and Castro’s allies in Russia.

Castro’s death

Castro’s cause of death is unclear, though noted that his health had been in decline for about eight years. His brother, Raul, will rule Cuba in Fidel’s absence, and a public funeral for the deceased leader will be held this Sunday, December 4, 2016 in La Plaza De La Revolucion (Plaza of The Revolution) in Havana. Though Castro was an extremely controversial figure, he did receive some high praise from another relatively controversial figure: Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick On Castro

If Kaepernick’s name sounds familiar, it should. The star athlete recently refused to stand for a playing of the national anthem at the start of a 49ers game. His reason? To protest the oppression and violence African-Americans have faced recently at the hands of Police.

Some have argued that Kaepernick’s refusal to stand was unpatriotic, while others defended it as an act of free speech.

Colin And Castro

CNN quoted the NFL star praising Castro as he admired the former leader’s investment in the education system and universal healthcare. However, Kapernick also made it clear he was against the more tyrannical actions Castro had taken during his time as President.

Kaepernick’s clarification

While Kapernick did speak highly of the former Cuban President, he also acknowledged some of the darker days of the Castro regime. Per USA Today, he expressed admiration for Cuba’s fight against Apartheid in South Africa, but noted that he did not support the oppressive actions the dictator took during his Presidency.

Kaepernick was booed on Sunday when the 49ers played the Dolphins in Miami, where many Cuban refugees live.

Kapernick’s consequences

Mike Huckabee was also not too happy about Kapernick’s support of Fidel Castro. The former Arkansas Governor tweeted a short but clear message on November 26, 2016: “Castro dead; C Kaepernick weeps for his idol; wipes tears W/US Flag….I’ll take a knee,” parodying Colin’s decision to not stand for the national anthem and instead kneel.

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