It might sound like something from a Science fiction movie, but a 14-year-old London girl, suffering from a rare form of terminal cancer, went to court to win the right to be cryogenically frozen.

The girl’s parents are divorced and disagreed when she told them she didn’t want to die, and wished her body to be frozen in the hope that in the future she could be cured. Her mother understood and supported her, while her father, a fellow cancer sufferer, was concerned about the ethical and moral aspects of the process. JS took the case to court and won and will be the first British child to be cryogenically frozen.

According to the Mirror, JS wrote an impassioned letter to the High Court stating that she doesn’t want to die, but that she knows she is going to, as her cancer cannot currently be treated.

She asked the court to step in to give her a chance of a future life, even if it would only be centuries later. She wrote that she doesn’t want to be buried underground and that she thinks being cryo-preserved would give her a chance. She went on to ask the court to allow her mother, with whom she lives in London, to be the only person who can decide on what will happen to her body.

Terminal cancer causes treatment to be stopped

It was back in 2015 that JS was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In August this year, she was told that the cancer was terminal and there is no possible cure, so treatment was stopped.

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The teenager then went online to research cryonic preservation, a process that allows her body to be frozen and then hopefully resuscitated in the future should a cure finally become available.

A problem arose because due to her age, she would need both parents’ permission to sign up for the process, and her father had refused, leaving her to ask the court to grant her wishes. Her father expressed the concern that should she, for instance, be brought back to life in 200 years, she might not be able to find any relatives and could quite possibly have lost her memory, leaving her in a desperate situation. As the facilities are based in the U.S.A., she would find also herself far from home. The father – who she hasn’t seen for eight years – did, eventually, change his mind and told the court that he will respect her decision, as this would be the “last and only thing” she had asked of him.

Grandparents paid the cost of cryo-preservation

According to the Telegraph, the teenager’s maternal grandparents agreed to cover the £37,000 ($46,000) cost for the cryogenic process as her parents could not afford the expense. The payment covers the cost of cryogenically freezing her body and transporting it to the storage facility in the U.S.A.

Learn more about the cryogenics process in the video included below.