Animal snares are frequently used to trap wild animals for capture, but it is a proven fact that these traps can be dangerous to the unintended critter. Many other animals coming across a dangerous trap can be caught in a cruel manner and left to die. Although a ban on the use of animal snares was imminent in Northern Ireland, recent news at the BBC shows that there are no particular plans in effect to do so.

The ban of cruel animal snares

Officials at the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in Northern Ireland are concerned about the current laws in the country regarding animal snares. The DAERA and other welfare groups have urged government authorities to ban the use of cruel animal traps.

They are still legal to use as described under the Wildlife (NI) Order of 1985. The traps are meant to be frequently monitored, allowing the animals be released. All too often, it is reported that a domestic dog or cat can be caught in these cruel animal snares, often leading to grave injuries or death. The alternative is to use humane methods of trapping wildlife without harming or killing the unintended.

Intervention of the DAERA to ban animal snares

Ireland’s Agriculture Minister Michelle McIlveen clearly states that, despite all the pressure, there are no plans to ban the animal snares. Further discussions are eminent at the DAERA meetings to discuss safer methods of animal trapping. A spokesperson for the League against Cruel Sports fears that a ban may not fully stop the capture of pets and wildlife or even prevent drawn-out, agonizing deaths of animals from these snares but feels it is a step in the right direction for animal protection.

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She continues to say that "Northern Ireland can be the UK leader in wild animal welfare by banning these completely indiscriminate and incredibly cruel traps."

The hope is for more humane methods of trapping wildlife, but it is still difficult to ensure that family pets, badgers, deer and other unintended victims will not get trapped. Ultimately, a total ban on the use of animal snares and traps is the only real humane option available. At least three-quarters of the people in Northern Ireland are in full support of a ban.