china is intent on becoming the dominant power in the world and part of the plan is to encircle India militarily and economically. This is happening at a time when India and USA are fostering a strategic partnership against China. Looks like the dragon has the lead.

Chinese inroads

China has completed the road to Gwadar and the port in a record time of two years. This is part of the China - Pakistan economic corridor.The first ships with goods from China have sailed for Europe and the Gulf states.

China has made deep inroads in Bangladesh where with submarines and weapons it is fast becoming the major supplier. It already has docking facilities in Burma.

In the Philippines, President Duterte is inching towards China as well and the long-standing military agreement with the USA is in jeopardy.

In Sri Lanka, the government is almost begging for Chinese help and many of the stalled projects may be taken over by Chinese firms. All in all, China is economically surrounding India. Militarily the Chinese have amassed 30 divisions in Tibet on the Indian border and their J-20 the Chengdu supersonic advanced jet fighter is also deployed here.

China dominates

China is moving aggressively and a lot of fault lies with the timid approach of the previous Indian government of Dr. Manmohan Singh and president Obama.

The arrival of Narendra Modi has changed the scenario but China has a head start. The US has been treating Pakistan with kid gloves and the result is that NATO and America are bogged down in Afghanistan.

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The US and the Indians lack off initiative may lead to a Russia- China- Pakistan axis that would be a disaster for India and USA.

The future

China continues flexing it's muscles and is fast becoming the dominant power in Asia. In many ways, Obama surrendered the initiative to China. India is in any case way behind China economically and militarily. In addition, it is being ringed by China as it cultivates the nations on the rim of the Indian Ocean.

The future has dark possibilities and it will be interesting to see how Donald Trump negotiates with the Chinese dragon.