Renowned poet Rupi Kaur is has been honored in a video for her efforts in feminism and literature. She is a New York Times best-selling poet who helped give women a stronger voice through social media sites like Instagram. 

How this poet beat the internet.

Rupi Kaur began her battle with Instagram by posting a picture of a woman with bloodstains on her self and her sheets. The social media site removed the  photos not once but twice. The poet kept putting the image up to showcase how misogynistic Instagram can be. She says that society is uncomfortable with women's menstrual cycles while on the other hand the website keeps up pictures of women posing provocatively. 

The poet eventually was allowed to keep the images up and get her message out.

This is after Instagram has deleted pictures of women for controversial reasons while keeping up other photos which some might deem inappropriate. Rupi Kaur seems to have gotten her point across and at the same time she has stricken a blow for women across the web.

Now a world renowned poet

Rupi Kaur has since become a best selling author and poet who speaks for women across the globe. Her book of poetry titled 'Milk and Honey' climbed to number eight on the New York Times Best Seller list. It exemplifies the experiences of what would otherwise be in her words to The Huffington Post, "a shy, quiet girl." 

The poet has become one of the most recognizable poets of her generation. It is not wonder, however, with her tens of thousands of Twitter followers and her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers it is no wonder that her work has become so widespread.

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In all of the fame and struggle she still sticks to her original message; expressing solidarity with women who are going through similar struggles. 

From beating the giants of the internet to inspiring other young women with her poems Rapi Kaur has become an example of what a woman can do and who she can be when they stick to their convictions and don't give in to the pressures of social media.