The colonization of Marsseems like something out of science fiction, but it seems that it could become a reality much sooner than we thought.The billionaire Elon Musk is ready to reveal his big plan about colonizing Mars, according to and Space.comThe entrepreneur -- who said several times that he founded SpaceX in 2002 specifically to help the colonization of Mars -- offered new details about the Red Planet, with his posts on Twitter and his conferences and interviews.

The first Mars mission may be launched in 2018

Musk recently announced that SpaceX wants to launch their first mission to Mars in less than two years, more exactly in May 2018.

According to the billionaire, the probe without human crew named Dragon will land on Mars to test the landing system and other technologies that the human missions on the Red Planet will need for the future.

The most insecure are the "supersonic retro thrusters" which will help the Dragon spacecraftslow down when it enters the Martian atmosphere. However, if the tests are successful, the missions will be just the beginning of the missions to Mars organized by the company SpaceX.

Musk also stated that a cargo route to Mars was already established. He added that this is a safe route that will take place every 26 months.The billionaire said this route to Mars will be like a train station-- if researchers will consider it safe they will choose it -- because it would be much cheaper than other alternatives of this kind that exist today.

Interplanetary transport system

The SpaceX company has very ambitious plans, according to what its founder says.In 2020, the company plans to launch a Dragon capsule without human crew by using two Falcon rockets. In 2022 another capsule without human crew will be launched, but with other purposes. This capsule's purpose will be to build the architecture of the SpaceX's colony on Mars.

This was recently called by Musk Interplanetary Transport System (ITS).

The entrepreneur said he wants to transport many people on the Red Planet through the Interplanetary Transport System. But that's not all. His plans are more ambitious than this. The billionaire wants to build a permanent colony on Mars, which could be used in the future when as an alternative toEarth.

This is what the new Interplanetary Transport System looks like:

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