A German couple is being investigated for keeping their son imprisoned in their home for 30 years. The man was taken out of school when he was 13 years old, and he has not been seen in public since then. The man is now 43 years old. The names of the parents and their son's name are being withheld because of German's privacy laws. When questioned by the police, the parents said their son never wanted to go out. Therefore, they did not force him to leave the house. Police said no Crime was committed.

Family tragedy

Police concluded this incident was a family tragedy and not a criminal case. The parents made some wrong choices, but that wasn't against the law.

Someone called the police last month when they suspected something was going on when moans were heard coming from the house. When police looked into the matter, they saw that the man looked strange but not abused. He was removed from the house and taken to the hospital to be examined. It was no surprise that doctors concluded the man had learning disabilities.

Parents' explanation

The parents insisted their son just didn't want to leave the house, and they didn't force him. They claimed he was never locked inside. They merely wanted to protect him and abide by his wishes after he was bullied at school. They said they never tried to hide him because he was listed on the lease for their residence. The police agreed with the parents that perhaps the man wanted it that way. However, at the age of 13, he should not have been able to make the decision to drop of out school and hide away from society.

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One would think the parents would have been charged with keeping him out of school, but since it was 30 years ago, the police did not consider it a legal matter now.

What the man missed 

While no crime was committed, according to police, it is unfortunate that the man missed out on so many things that kept him from being an adjusted individual. When the man left school at 13, he missed out on socializing with others his own age and even authority figures other than his own parents. He didn't learn to play sports or go to school dances. He didn't learn to swim or drive a car or date or get married and have children of his own. The man never went to Sunday school, church or to a public library. He never went to the movies, a concert or to a shopping mall.

He never saw the inside of a gym. What about picnics or the beach? They didn't exist for the man. He never went on a bus, a train, or an airplane. While the man missed out on a lot of things as a child and as an adult, investigators included no crime had been committed since the man could have left the premises if he had wanted to.