Sergey Lavrov, current Foreign Minister of Russia, stunned the famed journalist Christiane Amanpour by giving a quite unexpected answer to one of her questions. Amanpour asked Lavrov's opinion about Donald Trump's lewd tape leakand made a comparison to Russia's "Pussy Riot" moment, in a reference to the Russian feminist punk rock band. However, not only did the Russian minister ignore the comparison, but also he answered in quite an odd way. He said that there were so many puss**s in the American presidential campaign, on both sides, that he would prefer not to comment.

The journalist couldn't keep it and reacted to this unexpected behavior, from a highly rated Russian politician, by laughing.

Amanpour published the awkward moment on her Facebook page:

Lavrov was surely doing a reference to the accusations Donald Trump has been doing to the Clintons, like siding with two women who accused Bill Clinton of rape. The minister was careful enough to underline that English is not his mother language and he was not sure if his statement would be considered decent.

Russia is flattered by allegations of interference

This was not the only somewhat defiant answer that Sergey Lavrov gave to Christiane Amanpour. To the question about the allegations, made officially by the United States, that Russia was interfering with the presidential campaign, actively supporting Donald Trump, Sergey Lavrov said that they were "flattering".

The answer implied that it would be some kind of an honor for the Russian authoritiesiftheir country isconsidered so important that it might be capable of doing something like that. The Russia minister also remembered that President Obama had previously called them a "regional power", which they saw has somehow humiliating.

However, Lavrov also added that the allegations are "ridiculous" and denied it.

Lavrov denies war crimes

When Amanpour inquired about the accusations of war crimes committed by the Russians in Syria, targeting civilian infrastructures, Lavrov replied that the place to discuss those matters is in international forums and organizations, and not in the media.

He also accused the West of hypocrisy, saying that when the Syrian opposition forces blocked humanitarian convoys to Aleppo in August and September, there was no criticism. Anyway, he denied the accusations and insisted that the United States couldn't separate the Al-Nusra front from the moderate forces.

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