One of the allies of Hilary Clinton has talked with a former astronaut about a Space war and extraterrestrial life, according to and website WikiLeaks has made public an e-mail that John Podesta, the president of Hilary Clinton's campaign, received last August from Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut from Apollo 14. Mitchell is one of the six people who went on the Moon.

Possible war in space?

The e-mails said that the two wanted to have a conversation on Skype about a potential war in space. Mitchell warned Hilary Clinton that extraterrestrial intelligence life forms would not tolerate military violence of any kind neither on Earth nor in space.

Mitchell wrote that humanity is clearly close to a war in outer space. He said that most satellites orbiting around Earth are from the United States, Russia and China and that recent tests of anti-satellite weapons are very concerning. He stated that the possibility of a star war is quite real, although it may sound like science fiction. He included in the e-mails a few links to articles from several sources, which talked about a potential war in cosmic space.

Does Pope know about the existence of aliens?

Edgar Mitchell also said to John Pedestal that the Pope is aware of extraterrestrial intelligence(according to Express).

Mitchell said that he tried to clarify the so-called "Roswell incident" -- in which it is assumed that the US government has covered up evidence of a UFO recovery from New Mexico in 1947.

He said the military told the locals not to talk about their experience. Mitchell made this statement during the fifth edition of the X-Conference from April 2009, dedicated to those who believe in flying saucers and alien life forms.

Secret documents about UFOs and aliens?

This is not the first time Hilary Clinton has had to deal with aliens and UFOs.

She promised to make public some secret documents which contain details about UFOs and about Area 51 if she becomes President of the United States this year.

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