As protesters are being attacked by law enforcement and arrested at the pipeline standoff something very different just happened in Oregon. A group of men who forcibly took over a government building were just acquitted of all charges in the incident. The decision by a jury presents a bleak picture of American justice that some might see as showing favor to one group of people while alternatively using a heavy hand on minorities. Some are even pointing to the Dakota access pipeline protests as a prime example.

Bundy brothers are acquitted

Before Native Americans were protesting at the Dakota access pipeline last winter a group of armed citizens held their own protest at an Oregon forest preserve.

The whole occupation was heavily documented across news outlets and social media alike. The protest ended with the group of men being arrested while one was actually shot dead by law enforcement officials. This group of armed protesters who claimed that the government had gone too far were also predominately white men. They were also all just acquitted of any wrong doing during this occupation.

Protests in Dakota present different story

On the other side of the law at the Dakota access pipeline protests peaceful demonstrators have been pepper sprayed, attacked with dogs and shot with rubber bullets. They are protesting over companies trying to install a pipeline that may or may not lead to jobs but it also may or may not contaminate water supplies for people and crops. On top of that the operation is destroying Native American burial sites.

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Some are calling this a human rights emergency at this point.

While a group of armed white men were allowed to run rampant through government property and get away with it the opposite seems true for a much larger and more peaceful Native American group of protesters. While their protest has remained peaceful it has not stopped the companies at work from demonizing and antagonizing the protesters. As hundreds of Native Americans and their sympathizers are arrested Oregon has seen a small group of armed and potentially dangerous white men go free. If this does not convince you that the American justice system is biased against minorities then what will?