Concerned over the continued alleged Russian hacking of emails, especially those of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign chair, John Podesta, the Obama administration is said to preparing for a Kremlin hack attack of their own. The Cyber attacks would be launched in direct response to those that have been steadily released by Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, and which could conceivably threaten to undermine Clinton’s current lead in the presidential election polls.

The Central Intelligence Agency is leading the attack

According to a report by Fox News, the Central Intelligence Agency is undergoing preparations to launch a cyber attack against the Russian government and its Kremlin-backed hackers in a show of retaliatory force in order to stop what has been interpreted by the Clinton campaign as a blatant attempt on behalf of Russian President Vladmir Putin to sway the election in favor of embattled Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

NBC reported that CIA officials have received direct requests from the White House for a laundry list of ideas on what’s being called a clandestine cyber operation which would inevitably humiliate Putin.   

Vice President Joe Biden to send a clear message to the Kremlin

On behalf of the President, Vice President Joe Biden made it clear that the retaliatory measures being discussed would send a clear and transparent message to Putin that the Democratic Party and the U.S. government would no longer tolerate indiscriminate cyber attacks. He said the White House-backed attacks would be launched at a time of their own choosing and under conditions that would display the most damaging of impacts.

Russian secrets in the hands of the CIA

Speaking under conditions of anonymity, a CIA officer said that until now, the agency and the White House has hesitated to expose potentially damaging secrets gathered on the Kremlin and Putin.

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But in the wake of the recent release of thousands of damaging Podesta emails, the U.S. has had enough. The agent also went on to say that there is a lot the CIA can do in their retaliatory efforts. No further specific information on the type and scope of the efforts was offered.

Leaks consistent with Russian government methods

The Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the Director of National Intelligence, issued a statement last week saying that the disclosure of the alleged cyber hacked emails on behalf of websites like WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 are entirely consistent with the hacking methods of the Kremlin. The statement concludes that based upon the range and thoroughness of the hacking efforts, only Russian senior government officials could have issued the authorization. Interfax reports that in response to U.S. threats, Vladmir Putin told an investor forum recently gathered in Moscow that the panic now being experienced by the Democrats and the Obama White House is an effort on their part to divert American attention away from the information exposed by the hackers.